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Version 3 is available


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New in version 3:


- Isabelle's Fears, by gertjanvh

- Anne's Rescue, by gertjanvh

- The Queen, by Domi

- Valygar Romance, by Kulyok

- Rehearsal with Chandra, by Western Paladin

- Goldander Blackenrock: After a Party, by magrat

- A Chat with Viekang, by magrat

- Cumulative Anomen reactions, by berelinde

- Anomen's reaction to Bjornin encounter, by jastey

- Adjusted audio decompression for better compatibility

- Corrected minor issues with the protagonist's gender for some encounters

- The guard should leave/disappear correctly in Ada encounter

- Corrected some issues with weights in Logan Coprith's dialogue

- Aerie's reaction to Haer'Dalis encounter triggers correctly


A big thank you to the entire team.



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Good work on the Valygar Romance, Kulyok. I look forward to playing it--it looks lovely, melancholic, and awfully romantic. Cheers!


Ditto. I always wanted to romance Val. I've just started the IWD2 NPC pack but will download this straight after. Any recommendations on parties for this one? (I've not played any of the REs yet).

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