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G3: Version 6 of Sword Coast Stratagems II now available

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The Gibberlings Three


Sword Coast Stratagems II is a collection of mini-mods for Baldur's Gate II, affecting both Shadows of Amn and the Throne of Bhaal extension. Like its Tutu predecessor, SCS II is mostly a tactics mod, intended to make the combats in the game more challenging and interesting. Overall, playing SCS II shouldn't exactly feel like a whole new game - it should feel like the old game, but with your foes acting much more intelligently and realistically. Version 6 of SCS II adds four new components, fixes a couple of significant bugs and a host of smaller ones, and adds new content to existing components. Highlights of the new version include new components for Drow and Sahuagin, and a drastically revised version of Abazigal's Lair.



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