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Amber v.2.5 for SoA released

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Amber 2.5 for SoA is here! Download links can be found in the Download thread.


Following issues were fixed in this version:


- Updated German translation.

- Upgraded to WeiDU version 206.

- Improved the way talks occuring when party rests are triggered.

- Fixed some timer issues with Rashryn the tailor.

- Fixed the issue with unwanted subtitles.

- Fixed some miscellaneous typos in various dialogs.

- Fixed two instaneces in Player 2 romance where the dialogue could get stuck.

- Fixed typos in variables.

- Corrected inconsistieces in dialogue

- Cam modified the item restriction script for the tp2 file.

- Moved the additions to Haegan's script to the slaver area file.

- Updated the new contact information to the read-me and tp2.


New features in this version:


- Added a Linux version. Thanks, the bigg!

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