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Bug Reports v1.3


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I don't know if this counts as a bug or not.


Sarah has twice now started banters with a 'Oh this forest is so pretty, I much prefer it to the city'-style comment, and neither time it started in a forest. Once was in a district of Athkatla - I forget which - and once in the Shadow Dungeon. The banters in question were the "I like the Forest" one and the "How I became a Ranger", which both imply the party is in the countryside at least.

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Sarah has stopped saying anything at all from the moment I entered ToB. It makes me really sad, because I love her dearly and I need some emotional support whilst bashing my way through waves of baddies!


Is this a bug or isn't there any random Sarah banter written for ToB?


Variables are currently:


SARAHFRIENDSHIPACTIVE 3 - If it were a nameromanceactive variable, I guess it would mean the romance is dead, but since it says friendship, I guess it's ok?


SARAHTALKROMANCE 19 - My last romance talks with her were along the lines of 'thank you for resurrecting me after Bodhi bit me' and 'of course I am joining the final Irenecus fight with you'


SARAHTIMERROMANCE 668427 - Tried lowering it to 1 in a seperate save, resting, going to a forest, etc. No effect.


SARAHROMANCEACTIVE 2 - So I guess she still loves me, at least!


Reasons I can think of that might cause this problem:


Ease of Use v33 - I installed the 'Romance any one NPC regardless of race/gender.' I'm aware there's a G3 fixpack which replaced and improved this addon, and that I probably shouldn't be messing with romance-enabling mods in combination with romancable NPC mods, but my BG2 install is older and messier than my BGTutu. This mod mysteriously set AERIEROMANCEACTIVE to 2 and AERIEMATCH to 1 from the moment I entered ToB. Pretty weird, considering I specifically told Aerie in SoA that I wanted to be just friends. It did not change any Sarah variables in the process. I tried resetting the variable AERIEMATCH to 0 and AERIEROMANCEACTIVE to 0, and though that did shut her up, it didn't trigger any new banter from Sarah.


I hope you can help me to somehow fix my savegame.. I don't mind doing a full reinstall of BG2 and its mods, it's just the savegame that concerns me.


Kind regards,



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Guest Danakir

I've been looking around this forum for a solution, but I'm afraid I have to give up. >_>;;


I just can't find Sarah at all. She simply doesn't seem to spawn at the location she's supposed to. I'm fairly sure I installed the mod properly, since I can find her .cre file using Shadowkeeper but...


Well, any idea what I can do to get it to work? D:

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Posting your WeiDU log should help Theacefes track down any actual problem, but bear in mind that she's aparently quite well hidden, in the Northeastern part of the area in which you're supposed to find her. If you have any skill at looking into things, you might look in your savegame to see if her spawning variable has been set.

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