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Bugs in v2.5


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Bugs in the current version will be listed in this tread. I'll lock this thread to keep it tidy, feel free to start a new topic.


Three people in total have now reported the child hordes issue. One of the reports is for the current version and there's three reports too much anyway. It's been suggested that moving Global() and SetGlobal() on the top of the their blocks might help, so I'm going to try that:




Removing the time condition might also help, because when I was able to recreate this my party was on the spot when the time changed from night to day. But I rather not, because I wouldn't want the kids appear on the street in middle of the night.

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Not a bug but an inconvenience:


The player initiated talk about Haer'Dalis (for P1 or P2 romance and the P1 friendship variation) needs to have a better chance to become available. As it is I think it's almost impossible to get.

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There still, somehere buried in Amber initiated flirts, a line that ends up in NO VALID... If anybody ever remembered what was the line that led to the problem, I would be able to get rid of it. Meanwhile, I have to keep looking for that bugger. :)

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If Imoen tries to initiate a banter with Amber that begins "So, you're now together with my brother, eh?", while Amber is mad with the Protagonist, it will cause a 'stutter' bug. This bug affects only the romance with the protagonist, not the friendship or Player2 romance. As I mentioned it also requires that the circumstances are unfortunate enough to the two things (Imoen initiating the specified banter and Amber being mad with the PC) happening at the same time.


I plan to release a new version of the mod within few weeks, meanwhile you can fix or avoid this by:





fixed for the next version

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the drow damsel in distress who apparently was pathetic enough to to need rescuing from the stake.
fixed for the next version


Several instances of "I though" in the dialogue. fixed for the next version

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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