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A couple potential gamebreakers

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In my most recent game, I noticed a couple potentially gamebreaking bugs.


1) I killed Draconis at the very edge of the screen (he had been pushed over there by the Staff of the Ram while still in human form):

Partial Screenshot

As a result, his head (and the bracers) were inaccessible (off screen). If I hadn't known how to use the CLUAConsole to spawn his head, I would have been stuck.


It would seem possible/preferable to have his head appear in the party's inventory when he dies instead.


2) If you trigger the Twisted Rune encounter while (everyone is) under the effect of a Protection from Undead scroll, Shangalar will spawn on the top of the table in the middle of the room, but not talk to the party, and hence just stand there. The conversation doesn't trigger, and the other creatures, including the Beholder whose eye you need to escape, never show up. Yet, I think it is still possible to kill Shangalar with ranged attacks/spells, thereby trapping yourself there permanently. A fix like the fixpack's fix for Kangaxx seems in order here.


Some minor stuff:


3) Melf's also wraps your number of attacks "around" to less than it should be with something like Belm or Kundane in the off-hand. Perhaps unfixable?


4) [i removed my complaints here about Devas taking damage and going hostile when equipping their weapons: I found the thread...]

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Draconis - ugh. Maybe there's a nicer way we can do that.


There already ought to be a "No escape from teh Twisted Room if you're cheesy" fix.


Melf's Minute Meteors aren't completely fixable in their current state - I change them to grant +4.5 apr locally, but pretty much every solution has drawbacks.


We're on the deva nastiness - sorry again about that.




Though we may be able to squelch Belm/Kundane + Melf's overflow by making the weapons grant half an attack per round twice....




Nah, that won't help. What was I thinking?

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Understood about Melf's. Suspected as much.


Draconis: am I the only one who's ever had (or heard of) a problem like this? If this was truly a freak occurrence I guess it's not a big deal.


Twisted Rune: I'd be all for a solution that reduced the temptation to cheese, like allowing Shangalar to see through such scrolls (...heck, I'd have preferred that for Kangaxx too...), or making him not show up at all until the scroll runs out. (Granted, most people would just reload if they had an earlier save, but if they didn't, they wouldn't technically be stuck if they were willing to wait...)

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Protection from Undead scrolls are remarkably difficult to circumvent, sadly.


Post-Fixpack, Shangalar should whistle up Vaxall if he's unable to find metagaming PCs - did this not happen for you, or is it something you want to ensure never happens :D ?


Rare bugs are still bugs and should be squashed if possible :)

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It didn't happen for me in my last game (with Fixpack v4). I did have a few other mods installed (Romantic Encounters, the DeArnise romance and parts of Tweak Pack,) but none I would expect to change this encounter. I can test again, however, if need be.

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