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Kuroisian not spawning anywhere

Guest Amnesty

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Guest Amnesty



For some reason the acid kensai never spawns for me. I used the tactics setup and re-installed the acid encounter, and he still doesnt show up anywhere.


This is a new game, the last game he never spawned anywhere either.


Yes i have celestial fury and it is equipped.


The mods i have installed


-Item upgrade



-Ease of Use (some of them)

-Under represented items


I don't remember the order.


I havent played BG2 in a long while, before i had no problem whatso ever getting him to spawn after getting the fury. I really like this encounter so this is bugging me.


Also, my Dialog file might be poop. I was fighting a Yun-Tai the text he said was the description of the sword and shield profiency description. Do i need to reinstall everything from scratch?

Can i back up my save game and start off with it again or is junk after a re-install of everything? Or is the save junk now too?

Are their any console tricks i could use?


This is still the same install i had that had problems getting him to spawn a long time ago. Back then i tried to CreateCreature him and that didnt work either.


Thanks for any help,


I really want to beat him down :p

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