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bug after installation & pc restart

Guest Anacron

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Guest Anacron

I installed the Widescreen mod, last mod of many other. I set it to 1440x900, which is my Windows desktop resolution. Starting the game up, it works fine (and, I must say, is pretty awesome :p).


It stops working fine after I restart my PC. When I then start BG2, it appears to have changed resolution - I can see only the top-left-hand corner of the distorted intro movies/main menu, with most of the screen a black border. I think I can see exactly a quarter of the normal screen, by which I mean the game screen has doubled in size from the top left corner. This is just my theory though. I'm playing without this mod for the moment - not desperate for a fix, merely reporting bugs. :p


My graphics card is a Sapphire ATI x950 Pro.

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