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G3: Plasmocat's "BG NPC Portraits in BG2 Style" Version 2

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The Gibberlings Three


Plasmocat's "BG NPC Portraits in BG2 Style" Version 2 features new language options including German (Translation by Taimon), Polish (Translation by brucevayne), French (Translation by Anomaly), and Russian (Translation by vit mg & aerie.ru). Now packaged for Windows, OSX, and Linux, it copies Plasmocat's NPC portraits into your game override folder, detecting BG, Tutu, or BGT installs and renaming the portraits appropriately. In addition, you can assign the appropriate portraits to your PC through the character generation screen. For BGT, epilogue sized portraits are included. Previews of the portraits can be found in the Gibberlings3 portrait gallery.


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