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Can someone recommend a good NWN2 walkthrough?


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OK, so I'm the kind of player that likes to know how many enemies I'll be facing behind which door. I get hopelessly flummoxed when I can't intuitively figure out the order in which the levers should be moved. I'll somehow manage to talk to every single NPC in the area without finding the quest giver.


So, with that in mind, can someone make a good NWN2 walkthrough recommendation? Obviously, I don't mind spoilers.


(Yeah, the game came in the mail today. I'm patching it now, and hope to be up to character creation in a little while.)

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Thanks! GameBanshee is good, I agree. I had no idea they'd already have a walkthrough on something this recent. Coolness.


I thought I might stick with something familiar to start out with: a male human cleric. Not exactly a huge role-playing stretch, since I've been running one for 30 years, but it might be a good idea to start a new game with at least one thing I know how to work.

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I considered it, because that +2 wisdom bonus was pretty attractive, but I figured that I'm going to have enough trouble getting used to a 3D game interface without having slower leveling to worry about. It really is taking me forever to get used to it.


"I just want to look a little to the left... No, enough of this vertiginous spinning thing. Just a little, OK... Damn. Now I can't find the door. Where is it again?" (goes to overhead camera) "Oh, there it is... now walk that way. No, I don't want to see the casting menu. It's just a door. It doesn't need healing. Eep! Where did these guys come from, and what are they doing in my foster father's house?"

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What you might want to do is what my hubby set up for me via the game options: the screen doesn't rotate for me when I move the mouse, I have to press the left mouse button to induce movement. Also, slowing everything down, and using overhead camera, like in BG, and having the big map opened works wonders for me :)

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