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Possible to change the Slayer model?

Guest Zeratul

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Guest Zeratul

Pretty simple I would imagine. I'd like to change BG2 so that instead of the regular (and ugly as hell) model the Slayer is represented by something else. Demon Knight model, for example. How would I go about this?

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If you want to do it as WeiDU code (recommended so you can reverse the change):

COPY_EXISTING ~slayer.cre~ ~override~
 READ_SHORT 0x28 anim_id
 PATCH_IF anim_id = 0x7f32 BEGIN //Slayer animation
WRITE_SHORT 0x28 0x2300 //Death Knight animation

Otherwise, you can do the same thing manually by opening slayer.cre in an editor, changing the animation and saving the new CRE to your override folder.

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