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Romantic Encounters IWD2


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Hi i read about BG1 not being popular enough to have a romantic encounters done on it but i thought IWD2 could be done with a brand new angle.


The idea was the encounters are much more race, allignment and in some cases stat biased. As you can have up to 6 people it means as you travel through the game all your people have their chance to have an encounter or two. The bit I really enjoyed at the end of ToB was when it tells you what happens to your NPCs after you leave as the game is fairly you, you you.


As IWD2 is a mercenary game rather than a bhaalspawn game it could have a

differant angle.


An example would be you might be able to free the villagers with a bit of persuasion with Torak. But, he would only be interested in a female half orc, with negative allignment and probably not if they were a palladin or mage ext. Also I was thinking say you were an orc mage. Torak hates mages for this example, you would have the option to flirt to have it thrown back in your face with a suitable "your magic wont trick me" translated into orc. This element of failure would mean greater exploration through the game.


Don't come back with reasons why that example is wrong or unacurate its just an example.


The other thing I noticed was in BG2 if they had a name a person was worth noting. In this everyone who turns up and has a slightly differant colour toe nail has a name a few of which can be explored.


Unfortunately my computer programming skills are VERY limited. So i am unlikely to be able to understand or do any programming. I am prepared to write some if not all of the encounters, with other people imput of course. If anyone is interested i have 1001 ideas i would like to use. I will check back so if you want to help or have any ideas reply here. :p

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Hi i read about BG1 not being popular enough to have a romantic encounters done on it but i thought IWD2 could be done with a brand new angle.


That doesn't sound quite right. IWD2 is almost certainly the least popular of all Infinity titles (although as a modding platform, PST is least popular.)


That doesn't preclude some sort of "Player4 Does Targos" mod, but I'm quite sure there would be a bigger market for a BG1 RE.

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I don't know whether it's accurate to say that players wouldn't appreciate BG1 romantic encounters. Quite the contrary, with the popularity of Tutu and BGT, I'd think they'd go over quite well. From a coding standpoint, though, it does present challenges. Unless you felt like coding the mod twice, you'd probably have to learn how to work cross-platform variables. Since it takes the average modder months to learn to code and about an hour to work cross-platform varaibles, I'm surprised that more modders haven't tried it, but there you go.


As for IWD2 being ready for a few encounters, why not? Well, apart from the fact that it would be challenging to code, with up to six different characters to take into account. How would you manage it? The player that talks to the NPC gets an opportunity to flirt? Romantic liaisons become party decisions? And since IWD2 can be played in multiplayer mode, everybody gets to watch the erotic stuff? Er... maybe it's better to leave it to games that only have one protagonist.

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I don't see the problem with managing 6 protagonists, as it is already present in IWD2 (Pairie for a half-elf), and it is common in IWD2 to switch protagonists to get beneficial replies, but I would keep away from the plot altering trend (ie Torak). IWD2 is a very linear game, so it's better not to mess with the antagonists :)


And, uhm, yeah, Berelinde's right, BG1 is more lucrative.

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hi again


Ok the BG1 referance was just a disclaimer from me being given the same answer to the guy who mentioned a BG1 encounter mod a week or so ago.


I think it would be the character who spoke to them had the option and like it already depends on bluff, diplomacy, intimidate ext the same would apply.


I get what your saying about the torak linear thing. But i got the inspiration from Desharik in BG2. As he is a new way into spellhold.


For Example: The torak encounter would happen then your character would be moved to one of the tents in the camp. The variable for the villagers being saved would be triggered. Then all the guards around the mill would dissapear, the you could fight the camp if you wanted to. Also a suitable note in your journal would be recorded.


What my main idea was there are encounters which vary on sex, stats (to a limited degree), class, alignment, race as well as skills such as diplomacy ext. The game would remain linear but it would spice up the game and give differant options for achieving things already in the game.


EG iron collar band to be persuaded to report to duty. At the moment your options are blackmail them or kill them. This gives another option.


Of course some would be just to make the game more interesting and to add versity for when you replayed the game. They might not actually do anything.


Options for multichoice which could be given a new slant are but not all: Monk monestry access to tomb aruma or salisem.

: join xvim at ritual


traditonal good/evil choices like our example with torak save villagers, have the villagers killed have a new option


Also i think it would just not be available for multiplayer.


Thanks for the input just brainstorming my thoughts

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