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Imoen CRE file in BG2

Guest Koki

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Guest Koki



I'll be replaying the saga again and I plan on giving Immy some of the Tomes, as well as possibly dualing her earlier. This of course will be rendered completely pointless in BG2 when the "new" Imoen frees me out of prison.


Since I couldn't find a way to transfer Imoen in any normal way*, I thought I'll find Imoen's CRE file which is used to spawn her in Chateau d'Irenicus, and simply use Shadowkeeper to make things right. I assumed that it will be easy to find that file since she has that special belt on her.


But alas, I underestimated Infinity as there are even several versions of Imoen With Belt.


So the question is, which one of them is the right one? And why there must be at least one copy of everything in the Infinity Engine anyway?


* - Well, except for using BGT. But frankly it's so confusing I'd rather not.

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