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Version 2 bug reports

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I found a slight issue with The Slime Quest.


You can pickpocket Tulbor and receive all of the items before you even take on the quest.


The potion mentions the man turned into a slime. At that point, I had not met him in the game or taken the quest.


Could one of the following fixes be made?

1) Make Tulbor not show up until the player finds the diary.

2) Don't give Tulbor the items at first. Have his script create the items on his person only after the player reads the diary.

3) Update the item descriptions to be more "generic" and not mention the quest.


I randomly go pick pocketing everyone see. The item descriptions made no sense until I actually started The Slime Quest.

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Cool finding! Thank you, yes, that will be taken care of. I think I favour version 2. Perfect would be a combination of 2 and 3, I guess, but I am reluctant to add more lines and unnecessary items to the game.

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