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It isn't going to die. It's just I don't do well at holidays during the best of times, but that is being addressed...and that's not including the normal holiday stuff.


Sorry for the quiet.

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Yes, I have actually got a few things done, and worked on. I will also finish writing up something else this weekend first (barring circumstances).


Let me say that knowing a lot of you still have interest in Del is heartening.

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It's more than just interest. From what i have read, you put in this work a passion quite rare in this times. Delainy is a beautiful character, in a sense that goes quite beyond the mere first level of the word.


Moreover, and i'm not one that speaks just to give some air, much, far too much has gone into her. Perhaps it isn't obvious at a first thought, perhaps it seems almost wrong to say... but she is tied to events in your life you chose to tell us of, and this, willingly or not, will or has already affected her.


Delainy has the chance of being a masterpiece. There wont be any ringbells? The CNN won't speak of it, a review of delainy won't appear on the NYT? That's not the point. In a work of art, and creating a character, a story IS art... it is the passion, the feeling that does most of the work, and in this, Delainy truly has the right numbers to be a masterpiece.


I wish all the best for you.



the "don't let her die" guy.

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I know I've not posted around here, but I've been following Delainy for quite awhile now and I'll be happy to play the mod whenever you manage to finish it. Not like BG2 is going to go anywhere, right? ;)


I'm sure there's a fair number of us that are eagerly anticipating the mod, but don't really have anything we feel we need to say, so don't really make our presence known.

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It's great that you still continue working on her and plan to finish her, and Durlyle. I started at the whole BG community as a forum lurker because of your mod, and it is impossible for me to pass any day without checking Delainy forums to see if any new progress have been done.


Seriously Bri, don't give up, I'm sure her will be so great that all the time we have been expecting will not be for nothing. You have a lot of fans waiting to have the Moon lovetalk with their favourite NPC ever!

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