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Guest Gabriel

As long as you're not giving up, I'm fine, and after I've read true the whole forum I have a couple of questions:

1) I have read in an old post by Cam that the SoA portion will be released first and then the ToB portion. Is this still the case?

I know it from my own personal experience that people like to get a finished story. I mean how would you feel to be completely engrossed in a good book, only to find that the last two chapters are missing?? :D

2) Do you, still like this mod, I mean really like it?? Or do you see it as a chore, a duty to performe?

I am asking this because in if it's the latter then the quality will surely suffer.

The thing I like about mods, is the story they convey in an allready excelent setting like the BG trilogy. But the most important part should be THE FUN FACTOR not just for those who play the mod but also for those who make it.

So are you still having fun making this mod?

3) I know this mod is oriented more on conversation (lovetalk's and party banter) and less on combat. And I like that, but there's one thing I do not approve whit making the modded npc the center of the world. What I would like to hear is that when writing her/his (Del& Dur) you were just not writing for the sake of them saying something, but were expanding on they're character.

4) This mod has been in development for 4?? years now, do you personaly believe you can finish it? (Yes I did kinda cover this in question 2).Truthfully ask you're self, without thinking of us ( who have waited for this mod for many years :) ) If it was just for you' for you're own personal enjoyement, would you still finish this mod or dump it?

If upset anyone, I apologize. I may sound ...well blunt,but after 4 years some serious questions need to be asked, not just for our sakes but for the sake of the modder as well.

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1. SoA and ToB will be released at the same time (much like the additions to Tashia had been done).


2. I like the mod fine, it is just there has been many factors which led to various delays. If it became too much of a chore, then I would have just closed everything up. I can certainly understand the frustrations it has engendered...


3. There will still be plenty of combat, and there is actually a quest/plot involved that doesn't require Delainy. As for making the NPC the center of the world? I would actually argue that this will happen to some extent whenever any person wishes to make a singular NPC addition (and for that matter, when a team for a real game works on a group of NPCs, one can usually figure out which NPCs were favored). Then again, some talks of the game's core NPCs don't really show anything either. I tried for a balance of both, but that is obviously going to be up to each person's take.


4. Yes.

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Guest Gabriel

Heh very quick reply.. that's a first for me :party: ( most of the time I only get a reply a few months after my initial post). Heh it's good to hear that you're still interested in Del, sorry to hear you had some trouble in RL, for that I must apologize, I kinda feel like I was somewhat of a jerk in my previous post :laugh: .


Of course I understand that some NPC's are more favored than other's. And I'm fine with that, but on the other hand there is such a thing as too much.

Now.. heh before writing something nasty like: "stop bothering me noob, and let me get on with my RL/ modding", I want to say that well truly I have no complaint's about you're mod. You're dialogue ideas are original and sweet, and given that they were first draft's, they will turn out even better.


So now I'l stop bothering you :D Good luck in RL and modding :)

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Thanks guys, but like I said, those who commented on the time, etc. I certainly understand where they were coming from as well.


That said, given the fact ToB is much smaller than SoA, though, there won't be as many previews revealed...I know I said there may be something by the end of this week, for example, but it may be shown early next week. My main concern is to get banters and lovetalks done.

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