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Oct. 16, 2008


Minor update, got some more stuff done (between homework). I will share part of it Monday.

Where have delainy mod been ? enaugh!finish this mod?( Turkish; nerde kaldı bu mod, yeter!!! bitir artık bu modu yaaaa!)

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Guest Guest_Sir AlbaRas_*

Just got back from a very dark and dry place and was enjoying some light ale and green leaf with some old friends when old Graymane told a tale of a young lycon lass which, of course, reminded me of Delainy. Although I thought I would get to meet her by now I,am glad to see she is still around. Keep going Lady Bri for there are those who will wait. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to my ale before that drunken halfling halfwit Pidwin drains it. Good Luck!

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Yes, you must not think that you don't have a loyal "fan base", here we are, for you.


I think i am following this project... two years now, if not more.


And if you need help...

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I've been waiting for quite a long time as well. As long as I'm remembering correctly, I've been following it since Bri first announced it on the old Forgotten Wars (wasn't that the name of it?) forum. I don't even remember quite how long ago that was.


I'm perfectly willing to wait as long as need be. :D So, best of luck with it.

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