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Well...I think it is warranted. Sure, it has taken a long time and probably will take some time yet, but as long as you continue to work on it, I'll continue to support. I really wish there was something I could do to help, but I don't know that there is anything I could do. So the only thing I can do is give words of encouragement and let you know there are still people that want to play this no matter how long it takes.

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Sure, it has taken a long time and probably will take some time yet


*nods* That is true. Even when the writing is done, there will still need to be editing and coding (but that part will be covered.)

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Officially stepping out of lurker mode to show support. I've been keeping an eye on this project for a number of years and I still have my fingers crossed to see it completed one day. You have my thanks for the effort and work you've put into it and for keeping us informed of the circumstances over the years. I understand that it hasn't been a smooth ride for you, Bri...


Like Raltar I wish there was more I could do. I will continue to hope for and support this mod's progress (vocally or from the shadows) till the day it's either completed or dropped. If it is dropped someday I will understand completely though it would be a sad day.


In any case, I thank you.



(Sorry for any choppiness in the wording. Sentences don't form well for me in the early morning... but I wanted to say something.)

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I haven't been actively posting in years, but I do still keep an eye on promising BG mod projects. The series itself is still far from dead (for example the recent release of the BG1 Enhanced Edition) and because big developers like EAware no longer make any proper CRPGs, there's always room for new content.


Obviously this mod has been under development for a very, very long time, but that's one reason why it would be such a shame to see all the work go to waste, so don't give up.

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Is it getting dusty in here? ;) Nevermind that, just another woodwork-dwelling lurker emerging to offer some kind words, maybe a chuckle or two. I think you should know our support most certainly is warranted and it goes beyond our NPC-lusting self-interest. Even the flakiest of us (a title I'm pretty sure belongs to me) would do anything in our power to help you through this. Some of us live in a world where the little things really aren't so little, what with the general lack of simple joy to be found in life. So much as a breath in this project's forums gives me something to be thankful, happy for. That's pretty valuable, you know it? Reading over that I realize it sounds a bit heavier than intended and I should tack a "no pressure" on the tail-end. No, really. You could toss us bones in the form of miniature progress reports for another few years and it'd be fine. It's just good to know there are others out there who care about and enjoy the same things. Those warm, fuzzy feelings shouldn't come at your expense, though. We sort of outnumber you and if we're not nailing you to the wall for imaginary time tables and whatnot, you shouldn't be raking yourself over the coals, either.


Now that I've made a complete creeper of myself, I'm just going to slide back off into the shadows and continue to support quietly. Better to be thought a fool and remain silent than open your mouth and remove all doubt, hm? ;)

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Yet another lurker offering support. I've been keeping an eye on this mod ever since I realized there was such a thing as mods for this game. Come good or ill I'll be rooting for you, I'd love to see Delainy in my party and continue to hope. Don't force yourself into a bad position just remember we all want you to do as you feel best here.

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