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And so another school year looms on the horizon, so perhaps Bri will be able to get more done, or not. I know how intruding RL can be at times. Indeed, my last few weekends have been entirely sacrificed for my new girlfriend. :)


In the interest of making time pass faster, and thus 'speeding up' Delainy's release, I'm playing a new game of BG1, after a loooong hiatus. This way I'll get to visit her once again on the secluded isle and rekindle the love that existed once before. Weeee.


I wish you many creative moments Bri, and you many moments of coding genius Cam. Since the time I have left for gaming is reduced, perhaps I'll say farewell to BG1 Delainy in time to meet BG2 Delainy. :)


BTW, I hope you get your computer troubles sorted out Bri, and that you have hardcopies of your work so far. It'd be a shame to lose any of your hard work on this mod, or on anything else.

Well, good luck with your girlfriend. Yeah, I can see how she would take top priority. Maybe name a character after her on BG II ;-)


Well, it doesn't look like my computer problems are getting solved anytime soon. I am about 95% certain I'm just going to get a new computer...and I definitely learned not to go retail ala Circuit City or Best Buy.


However, I hope to finish her writing up by the end of Sept. That means we still need to do voicing and music (after editing...and I haven't quite decide on music yet).

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Well, good luck with your girlfriend.  Yeah, I can see how she would take top priority.  Maybe name a character after her on BG II ;-)

It won't happen, but imagine her being modded into the game, with voice and everything. haha.


I had an odd experience happen to me outside of Candlekeep. After I left Gorion to die at Sarevok's hands, I found myself standing alone on the road, with this panicked, naked fighter running around nearby. I couldn't talk to him, and he had my character's name, but I could kill him, as he only had one hitpoint. Imoen was nowhere to be found.


The cause? I'd inadvertently changed what I thought to be an unused CRE to 'empty' status, with default values. In this case it turned out to be Imoen's initial joinable CRE, as specified in the default BALDUR.GAM savegame template file. The CRE had my character's name because any CRE that doesn't have a specified name will use Charname's name. The panic was caused by the morale failure level being the same as the breaking point.


All of this, at night in the rain (in the game), with me being tired (in RL), was really a weird experience, and funny once I realized how it happened.

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Any chance of getting this long-awaited mod before Christmas? (year 2004, that is :D)

Just being curious, as I plan to have a long holiday in December (with wife & child going away for a couple of days - finally just me and my computer in the house :D ), so I should have plenty of time for BG.


That's all, and good luck with the project!

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I hope to finish the writing for the story arc this weekend, the restaurant sometime this coming week, and then the flirts. The writing will be done...depending on how much voice work goes into it...well, let's just say we don't have a date firmly in mind. Sorry.

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Oh, poo. Thanks a lot, Bev. Jeez.


By the way, has a voice actress been chosen yet? Or...have you started looking for one?

No, we aren't searching for voices quite yet. It makes more sense to make sure most of the coding is bug-free, and the writing is the way we want it. This way, the artist doesn't get burdened with a million requests each time we make a change :cry:

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Yeah, sorry. I always think the Del forum is a lot more active since most of what's going on is in the workroom--I forget the public forum can be neglected.


So to second Bri, I only have two more love talks in the core track to code. Following that I have some interjections, floating love talks, and the quest to code.

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