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3 Lovetalks, and epilogues, but some of the epilogues will tie into a couple of lovetalks. It will still need coding, but Kaeloree had offered to do so. And yes, testing. At the moment, there are no plans to voice Del.

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Really looking forward to this mod and love the idea of Delainy as a NPC. I know you mentioned that she wouldn't try to turn the PC into a werewolf, but is she scripted to acknowledge if the PC is already one, i.e. a shapeshifter, and maybe even one of the mod kits such as werewarrior and Silver Fur of Selune? Thanks for the update and continued work

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There are a couple of werewolf-specific lovetalks in SoA, such as if the PC is a Druid/Werewolf, as well as if the PC has the Cloak which allows one to turn into a wolf. If I finish the core lovetalks for ToB, I may try to do at least a special one as well, though I really need to get at least the main branch done.

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