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I still am here. I've just been busy with real life stuff, and other stuff sapping me.


If I don't get things under control in a month or two, I will formally give up. In that case, if anyone wishes to take over, or see what is done, I would have no issue.


I know it is beyond the apology stage for this.

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Why not release a beta with all content that has been completed and open a thread asking folks if anyone wants to finish it off? That way those that were waiting over a decade would finally get something. If you don't have even time to put together what you have done in the form of a playable mod then you can also ask here if anyone wants to do that too. You could potentially include some suggestions or a sorta guideline for those who want to finish the final talks while keeping the romance more or less how you envisioned it and in character.

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This has everything to be a great mod, and i've been trying to follow it's development for a while, now... i'd really love to see it done someday!

Of course, i don't mean to rush Bri, or anyone in the development team, but i agree with Abdal that maybe it'd help to get some assistance in the forums and whatnot. Still, Do what you believe it's best!

Take care, and good luck with everything!

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My biggest complaint about the modding scene is the lack of very talented writers. That's not to say I don't enjoy the hell out of a myriad of quest and NCP mods, just that from the sample dialogue this one was shaping up to be excellent. Still looking forward to the possible mod, but I can definitely understand losing steam on a project and then feeling like it can't be picked back up. Either way wish you the best Bri.

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