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I followed this mod for several years and I'm sad that it's not going to be finished.

But now that when we know it's not going be finished it would be nice to actually see the banters and the dialogue you did finish.

Like Winniethebo said "shame to see everything go to waste" =)

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Guest Soldyn

Today is the first time i went to Balduran Isle and met Delairy. I immediatly went to see if there is a mod for her to be joinable even tho I never play with mods. I found this site right away, was shocked how big the community around it is. Then I found out it is cancelled. I am depressed and its only one day for me, I cant imagine how big decission this must have been. I know I can´t really tell much after reading about this mod for one day, but I am sorry it ended this way. Bri, I wish you good luck and all good in life. I respect you for all the work you have done and for so long.

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