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Well I know I said I wouldn't play BG2 again until Del was released but I just spent $2600.00 on my dream gaming computer (had my techy nephew order & build it, I'am clueless) and had to play. Installed about 30 mods and went at it but now I'am stalling a little :) . Might be too many mods are an incompatibality problem. I'am inclined to think it's because I broke my promise. Sorry. Any updates?

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I'd be lying if I said I'm not disappointed - Delainy has been the most eagerly anticipated NPC mod in my list for a long time - but as has been stated, there are many, many things in life more important than module development. So take your time, relax, do whatever you want - I'm sure the modding community won't disappear for a while.


But I have to add that it would be a real loss if Delainy never sees the light of day. Everything I've read about the mod sounds extremely promising. So whatever happens, you're clearly a brilliant writer, Bri. :)

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