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Help with Gavin's quest for the temple

Guest Shy Romantic

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Guest Shy Romantic

Hi, I'm really enjoying having Gavin in my party.


However, he got a messanger telling him to go to the temple and speak to the head guy. I told him we'd go there right away, which we did, yet no new dialogue happens between them and no quest is given.


Do I have to kill Bassilius, the killer, first? Also, to my suprise, Gavin has not had any problem with not actually talking to his temple superior and LTs and the like continue on normally.


Does anyone know whay is wrong and why he is not recieving his quest? :D

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


Thank you. ;)

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If this is the first time Gavin's been summoned, the new dialogue is really easy to miss. It's very subtle, and doesn't differ much from Ormlyr's regular dialogue. It's just giving Gavin the quest to kill Bassilus directly. Once Bassilus is dead, other quests will follow.


(Yeah, I know, I'm supposed to be on vacation. We had to return due to sudden illness, though I am returning to the site now to pack everything up and bring it home.)

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