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Solo multiplayer and in-game content

Guest Galrick

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Guest Galrick

A rather stupid question for those who have already played the game with more than one custom character (i.e. solo multiplayer), but despite all the years I've been playing BG, I never created more than just the protagonist, so I'm left wondering.


If I create, let's say, two characters:

- Are both considered Children of Bhaal?

- Are both RPG active, in that they both interact with NPCs? For example, would it be possible for me to run two romances, one for each character?

- Is the solo multiplayer feature available with EasyTutu?



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I've got EasyTutu and was playing it with a solo multiplayer party. Unfortunately I couldn't tell you if you can carry them over into BG2 as I nuked my operating system pretty much right before I got the the final battle with Sarevok.


I would assume so though. You get to export all your characters after the final battle in BG1. So you can then just load up BG2, start a multiplayer game and import all your characters if the import save game feature doesn't work.

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