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What size should an English Throne of Bhaal ver. 26498 dialog.tlk be?


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After having to reinstall SoA+ToB for the 13958198th time, but getting some "strange error" during ToB installation, I'm having some sneaking suspicion my dialog.tlk might not be the correct size, particularly since a backup I made prior to reinstalling is a different size.


Thanks in advance.

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Hmm, mine is 8,692,747 bytes. (8.29 MB, or "8.31 MB on disk", whatever the hell WinXP makes the distinction with).

My backed up version is 10.5 MB, though...


Slight off-tangent very angry rant: I actually do make a backup, albeit differently: I have a separate "clean" install of BG 1 and 2 on a different drive, and a Modded BG2 and Easytutu on another. Whenever I need to restore a backup for the modded one, I copy and paste the relevant files from the clean install.


Except...sometimes the clean install apparently gets messed up even though I don't actually ever play it anymore like ever. Just this last time I had to reinstall because the game would crash whenever I tried starting a new game, and turns out it was happening on my "clean" install too, hence that was the route of the problem. Another time earlier ago, half the game portraits were replaced by the ?? missing ones, and was due to the "clean" install as well, so I had to reinstall that time too.


Then just today, after finding this out, I tried checking out my Easytutu that I made but hadn't started modding yet. Turned out Imoen had a ?? portrait when she joined me. -_- Ugh.


EDIT: I actually didn't see the ToB backup on that page until I looked again. Those were useful. Thanks!

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