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Semi-Multi / Ritual Magic Mod now in WEIDU at FW


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The Semi-Multi / Ritual Magic Mod is now available in WEIDU, and on a new host at Forgotten Wars. Find it HERE


Opens up the following Semi-Multi Classes:


1) Single Class Mage/Cleric (advances as Mage).

2) Sorcerer/Cleric (advances as Sorcerer)

3) Bard/Cleric (advances as Bard)

4) Cleric/Mage/Rogue (advances as Mage/Rogue)

5) Fighter/Mage/Cleric (advances as Fighter/Mage, may use Fighter weapons)

6) Kitted versions of the above (Wild Mage/Cleric, Blade/Cleric, etc.)

7) The Fighter/Mage/Thief/Cleric (Your One Stop Shopping Character Outlet)


Balanced (sort of)! Fun (maybe)! Free (or at least I'm not getting any money out of it)!


Mystra loves you! Spread the word of the Lady of the Weave! (once I get around to writing the quests)


Try it, eh?

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