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Crossmod stuff?


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To address the NPC's you specifically mentioned: As Kae stated, the next version of Crossmod will have some Angelo/Xan (voiced!!!) crossmod. Yes, Sister V will be talking to himself. :)


Look for Angelo/Kivan Crossmod at some point in the future. It's in the planning stages right now.

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Good to hear. That's definitely one I want to play as he was always a favourite of mine in BG. :)


Kivan and Angelo have to be my favorite mod romances for BG2. (I'm sure Gavin will be joining this list when he's done.)


Though Kivan's romance is angsty, and his character is very firmly on the good side, he is a flawed man. Emphasis on the word man. I think you'll enjoy playing it, and Domi's writing is definitely not to be missed. The angst has a point; it's not emo angst. Plus, he's just sexy.

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Well, given his wife was tortured to death, he's allowed to be a little angsty, I reckon. :)

It'll be hard to displace Angelo in my affections, though I've just finished Edwin (OMG longest epilogue ever! But very funny) and really enjoyed that one too.

Anyway, off on holiday on Saturday so a break from BG2 and its mods for a while.

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Yes as far as I know, Angelo at present has crossmod with Xan, Tiax, and Kaeloree's Iylos. Some more should be forthcoming--although I should note here that I also have no problem with people doing permission-free crossmod stuff for Angelo, and one of these days I should get off my arse and go post that on the big crossmod thread...but you heard it here first!

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A preview from Angelo's banters with Xan:


Angelo: Just who do you think you're fooling with that phony upper-crust Brit accent? Where'd you pick it up, Fawlty Towers?


Xan: Oh yeah? Well at least I don't sound like a barely-pubescent child pretending to be a forty-nine year old, battle and debauchery-hardened mercenary!


[/just kidding]

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