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BashDoor Fix

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If you do not already do so, I suggest including a fix for the broken action BashDoor:


COPY_EXISTING ~ACTION.ids~ ~override~
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~BashDoor(0:Object)~ ~BashDoor(O:Object)~


See here.




EDIT: Code tags don't recognize leading spaces? Odd...


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Wow, that's a real action? I've never even heard of it. (And I think I wrote half the action documentation.)


Yep. I use it in Branwen NPC.


You could Unlock and OpenDoor, but it's cooler to BashDoor and OpenDoor. And we're all about cool. :cool:




Note: To be sure, Branwen NPC includes the fix, so if the Fixpack irrationally decides not to include it, then worry not. ;)

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