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Cursed Items Mod

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I'm happy to hear that this mod will be finished. I plan on starting a new EasyTutu game with an evil party before the end of the year and I intend to use a couple of cursed items. Oh, and please keep the thread spoiler-free as you have, I definitely want to be surprised the first time I use cursed items with the mod installed.


PS: Will the Cursed Item Mod be compatible with Hard Times?

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Icendoan has offered to help but I don't know how much he can help with.


For this Mod to be completed I'd really need Nythrun (the coder) to return because she and only she could give the best shot to it.


Unfortunately I can't give you any ETA for this Mod because it does not depend on me any longer.


This MiniMod is going to be compatible with all Mods that won't overwrite the original cursed items.


I am not familiar with Hard Times but if it doesn't do that above, there won't be any issues.


Keeping the thread spoiler-free is of course a must! :)

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Can't say that I've got a LOT of time... You know I should really be spending it on the BG fixpack. Or that I know a whole lot about BG2... I've never been through the game once. Got hooked on modding and it is hard to go back to playing. But I'd be willing to take a crack at Nythrun's code. She helped me to get past a hurdle before, so perhaps I might be able to understand what has been done.


You can pm me with the details if you so choose.

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Hello people!


Taimon has offered to take the matter in his capable hands and a release is not very far. :p


Icendoan has first tried to understand something in Nythrun's code without much success so I thought about asking Taimon who is comfortable enough with Nythrun's code.


By the way, thanks plainab for your kind offer.


It's very much appreciated!

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It should be a matter of some days before a first public release.


The MiniMod will be hosted at BlackWyrm Lair and will be available for (Easy)TuTu and BGT.


It's been developed with BGT, which is the recommended platform, in mind.

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Guest temujin_



if the mod's Setup-cursed_items.exe is updated to Weidu 209, it wouldn't install because BGT doesn't get properly detected.


i had to change the REQUIRE_PREDICATE GAME_IS condition to include "bgt" to get it to install.

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