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Sister Vigilante

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Guys, this forum totally needs more topics! We've overtaken "Level One NPCs" and "NPC Kitpack," but "Oversight" and the "Crossmod Banter" forum are still totally leaving us in the dust!--and I'm gunning to one day overtake the "BG2 Fixpack." So if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them!


edit: no seriously, just kidding

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Guest DeepO

Hehe, good thread. Btw, over, at the best rpg forum, http://www.rpgwatch.com/, Angelo mod is mentioned among the news, it's on Monday - May 26, 2008. There's not a lot of mods mentioned there. Credit goes most probably to the GCJAR (Great Cal Jones Angelo Review). Congrats! Angelo fully desereves it :cool: .

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