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Dynaheir Romance


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Obligatory Pretextual Noob Apology:


I'm new to posting here and new to posting questions in general, actually, so I may be asking a question that's already been asked or asking a question in the wrong place. If so I apologize, but I did my best to find the answer on my own, I swear. :cool:


So here's my question:


I'm running BGT with the NPC project (and a few other mods) installed and I was hoping to do the Dynaheir romance, but she's been in my party for more than ten (gametime) days and the LTs won't start. From what I've read in the romance guide and in these forums it *seems* like maybe she's waiting for the Bhaalspawn revelation. Is that a precondition to the Dynaheir romance?


If so, I think I'll drop her and come back and get her after or just before that's revealed so I can do some stuff with other NPCs in the meantime, but I'm afraid to do that 1) in case I'm wrong and I'm just being impatient and 2) because I know sometimes kicking a romance partner out of the party kills the romance for good and I don't know what effect it would have on a pre-romance partner.


I'm pretty sure I meet all the requirements for the romance. The only one I was unsure of was the one that says "all good alignments" or whatever. Seems like that could mean two things: Either: the PC is Lawful Good, Neutral Good or Chaotic Good, or: everyone in the party is a good alignment. My PC is Neutral good, but I have Viconia in the party.


Also, the bit about NPC conflicts I think means that there are dialogues where the NPCs have conflicts with each other if you're sorta romancing both of them, but it might mean that the romance won't start if Branwen's in the party. I had Branwen in the party when I first got Dynaheir and I did the Branwen romance first, but I'd gotten through most of the Lovetalks and Branwen's dead now. Does that make a difference?


Anybody know the answer to this?

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-The romance checks for both alignment and reputation, I think rep should be above 12

-Dynaheir's romance takes time to kick in, she goes through a few friendship talks first.

-Dynaheir does not wait on the Bhaalspawn revelation, it only applies to a particular series of talks, and suspends your romance while that serie of talks plays out

-The conflict is there to make you chose one romance. Since you've already done so, by comitting to Branwen (if your romance became comitted, which I presume it was as you said you've 'completed' it), Dynaheir romance doesn't initiate. Just like in BG2, you can't multiromance after a certain stage in the relationship. Branwen does have extra talks after the 'end' of the romance

-NPC's death or kick out of the party does not terminate the romances. Romance terminations are handled from the player-initiated menues and via other dialogues.


Hope that helps. :cool:

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It definitely helps, or at least I think it certainly answers the question. So there's no way to start the Dynaheir romance without going back and telling Branwen "Let's just be friends" or something? Can anything be done with the console or Shadowkeeper?

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