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Move Sarah's Spawn Point?


Should Sarah's spawn point be moved and how?  

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I am obsessed with myself so I googled Sarah to get some thoughts on her. After 20 minutes of seeing nothing but "If you like gay people, you can download Auren and Sarah", I came across a few posts in different websites and modding communities where people complained about how Sarah was too hard to see.


Now, my original reasons for putting her near that tree(s) is because when you find her, she is hunting, and probably didn't want to be seen.


On the other hand, it's kind of retarded if you can't find your mod NPC.


So I'm leaving it up to you guys. :cool:

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Guest The Darkest Teatime

where plz is option for "Explore isolation inherent in being a spawning fructophile in a mammal dominated world" i dont see it

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I'd move her. How many "Where's Sarah?" queries do you want to field?


Even the most dedicated hunters need to make a supply run from time to time. Maybe she's standing outside the Umar Hills Inn heckling over the price of a new bowstring?

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Well that would destroy her opening dialogue, so I probably wouldn't move her THAT far. I kind of meant to keep her in a forest-y area, but I've gotten a few "where is Sarah?" queries, which is why I was asking.

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The first time I played the mod, I remember checking the script file to see where Sarah's spawn point was. Once I knew, it seemed completely obvious and I didn't know how I missed it.


Were you to move it, that part near the cave at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to Valygar's cabin might fit the opening dialogue, while being neither too easy nor too difficult.

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South of the cave would work for everyone who doesn't have the Saerileth mod and who happens to be on a Dragon hunt. I was going to suggest the same as Western Paladin until I remembered this.


But maybe she could be located east or north from the rocks you cross to get to the cave?


Or maybe she could be on the small island west from the inn. :cool:

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I think just moving her about a 1/2 inch down from where she is now should work. That way she can still be hunting. Also, if you move her elsewhere on the map, people may get confused by reading old threads that talk about her current location.

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Awesome. I think I know what I'm going to do now. If anyone else has more suggestions, please post them!


Well, the other thing you could do is have her move about a bit. It's much easier to notice moving creatures.

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