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Magistrati of Azuth


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I've been working on a Magistrati of Azuth kit based on DR v 5 (i.e. it works with DR v5 but not the unmodded game. Here are the kit features and how much progress I've made on each.



Reduced casting times for cleric spells by 3. - Done. This was accomplished by creating copies of the cleric spells with the CT reduced by 3 to a minimum of 1 for all effects and then assigning these "new" spells are then assigned to the 2da files that generate the cleric's spell book, all of this is handled by weidu at install. This method avoids reducing the casting time of mage spells. This is precisely as Magistrati work in PnP. A more trivial way to do this would be to restrict Dual classing and just apply the speed bonus to all spells quick and dirty, but the flavor of the class strongly suggests being able to dual to mage and I don't want the bonus speed factor to apply to mage spells.


Can cast mage spells of one school at half their cleric level as cleric spells (gain new mage spells at 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, and 26; this is exactly like their PNP ability.) - Mostly Done (just needs to change the tp2 code to get it to install properly as a component where the school is chosen at installation; this is the cleanest way to do it and avoids stupid in game dialog and reduces the accumulation of useless crap in the override directory. The spells are cloned mage spells, changed to cleric, that have had any effects with a min casting level > 1 modified to twice their original min casting level; this makes it so they "progress" in level dependent effects (such as durations and number of dice) at 1/2 their normal rate of progression; all handled by a macro at install so it uses whatever versions of the mage spells are present at the time of installation (i.e. if BG2Fixpack is installed it will clone the fixed versions, if it isn't it'll clone the original versions which often lake duration level dependence described in the text). The spells retain the priests full caster level for the purposes of resisting dispel magic (and the remove magic spell in abjuration is cast at full strength because I really can't figure out what controls the strength of dispel effects, it doesn't work like dice or duration). Currently the spell text is not changed from that of the original mage spells, I'm debating patching for this, but it's certainly on hold until after I get all the core features working. The following mage spells have been omitted and can't be cast as a Magistrati: any spell where the mage spell level is EQUAL to or HIGHER than the same spell that is castable by the Magistrati via normal priestly magic (i.e. True Seeing is a 5th level cleric spell and 6th level mage spell so Magistrati with divination expertise don't gain the mage version of True Seeing; same story for Protection from Evil and abjuration), Spell Sequencer type spells (the menu to discharge sequenced spells seems to be hardcoded to only appear for mage class characters, making it useless for Magistrati; Contingencies function fine), Nishruu and Hakeshar (Azuth particularly despises these creatures), Cacofiend (priests can cast the superior Gate as a 7th level spell so Cacofiend is pointless, see also the next reason), mantle/power word: stun/dijinni (Due to the huge number of 7th level cleric spells only 3 mage spells of a given school are available at the 7th level, all other levels are fine though 3rd level is close). The mage spells added for each school are recorded at the bottom of the page*.


Can use mage scrolls. - Not Done. I haven't really looked into this, but I know that Refinements can probably give me some big hints into how this is done, BG1NPC may also give me an idea since they allow Imoen to use scrolls. I plan on investigating this over the weekend to see if I can do it. This is pretty close to how they work in PnP; they actually need Read Magic to cast scrolls outside of those in the school they choose (see above), but since there is no Read Magic in BG2 this is a very close approximation.


Gain 6 lore per level starting at level 5 - Done. Basically works like the Oghma lore bonus. I might write tp2 code to check the actual lore values for clerics and then add the appropriate "spell" at each level based on the 2da file that controls lore progression. This will mean that if one of the mods that boosts the lore values for some classes (like the more sensible lore table component) the Magistrati would still only gain 6 lore/level. In PnP the Magistrati gains the ability to identify items at a touch but the closest I can really do in BG2 is boost lore. I kept the bonus to 6 so that Oghma's clergy are always clearly superior in this matter. An alternative would be to have an innate usable once per day that boosts Lore for a few rounds. I'm still thinking about this.


Can cast magic missile 1/day at level 7 - Done. Easy. Exactly as in PnP.


Can cast fireball 1/day at level 9 - Done. Easy. In PnP the Magistrati can actually cast either a fireball or lightning bolt once per day. I went with the better of those abilities. I might convert it to a menu where the player can choose one or the other so it would be exactly like PnP, but it's a low priority.


Can cast Sunfire 1/day at level 12 - Done. Easy. In PnP the Magistrati can actually any of the Wall of X spells once per day, since none of those are in BG2 I went with a substituted spell. I might be convinced to change it and I may add a menu later to sect several but I definitely will keep it within the school of evocation.


Cannot Turn Undead - Done. Easy. Exactly like PnP.


Cannot Dual except to Mage - Done. Easy. Personal choice. I might change it back (some of this has to do with item restrictions that can't really be added)


Min Stats of 13 Int/14 Wis - Done. Easy. Since this is really an advantage in BG2 I may remove it. On the other hand it's pretty modest.

Restrict Alignments to LG, LN, LE, and TN - In PnP Magistrati are actually restricted to LN, but I decided to make it a bit broader and expand the alignments to those would be acceptable for non-specialty priests of Azuth (i.e. True class clerics who have Azuth as a patron; interestingly and perhaps uniquely, in PnP true class clerics of Azuth gain the increased casting speed exactly as the Magistrati; as far as I can tell there is no penalty associated with it).


Sphere access using the DR system - Done. Pretty much like other kitted clerics in DR, except he uses a different set of 2da files with the custom cleric spells with reduced casting times.

Major access: All, astral, charm, combat, creation, divination, guardian, healing, law, necromantic, protection, summoning, sun, thought, wards

Minor access: Elemental, travelers, war

No access: Animal, chaos, plant, numbers, weather

All in all this is very good sphere access, and I'd say the kit is overall one of the stronger cleric kits. Note that all cleric spell, both vanilla and DR have been cloned for the reduced casting times, even those for spheres the Magistrati can't use, this is because the spells can also serve as the starting point for building the Dweomer Keeper of Mystra who shares the casting time reduced by 3 ability (though they don't get it until level 7) and Mystra's clergy have access to almost every spell in the book, I think war is the only sphere she has no access to).


The thing I can't do but wish I could - In PnP the Magistrati cannot use armor. I can't really do this because there is no other kit/class that suits me here. The kinsai also restricts bracers which should occur. Additionally the Magistrati is supposed to be able to use mage gear but this is also pretty much impossible due to engine limitations. If anyone has ideas about how to do these things without totally fucking up the other kits/classes let me know, but looking around the forums and tutorials it doesn't look good.


Things that need to be done that aren't exactly class features or that I haven;t thought about yet - Temple stronghold patching, holy symbol patching, and HLA tables (right now I just use the default).


*Mage Spell Access:

Abjuration: Protection from Petrification(1), Resist Fear(2), Minor Spell Deflection(3), Protection from Cold(3), Protection from Normal Missiles(3), Remove Magic(3), Spell Thrust(3), Minor Globe of Invulnerability(4), Secret Word(4), Breach(5), Lower Resistance(5), Minor Spell Turning(5), Protection from Acid(5), Protection from Electricity(5), Protection from Normal Weapons(5), Spell Immunity(5), Spell Shield(5), Globe of Invulnerability(6), Perce Magic(6), Protection from Magical Energy(6), Protection from Magical Weapons(6), Spell Deflection(6), Warding Whip(7), Protection from Elements(7), Spell Turning(7) <-- Abjuration is a strong choice, with many spells that are a must for fighting mage duals. Very bottom heavy, not worth much if you plan on dualing to mage since the spells you really want aren't available until level 18 when you get Breach, Lower Resist, and Spell Immunity.


Alteration: Burning Hands(1), Color Spray(1), Shocking Grasp(1), Knock(2), Strength(2), Vocalize(2), Haste(3), Minute Meteors(3), Non-detection(3), slow(3), Fire Shield: Blue(4), Fire Shield: Red(4), Otiluke's Sphere(4), Polymorph Other(4), Polymorph Self(4), Stoneskin(4), Teleport Field(4), Wizard's Eye(4), Lower Resist(5), Disintegrate(6), Flesh to Stone(6), Improved Haste(6), Tensor's Transoformation(6), Stone to Flesh(6), Ruby Ray of Reversal(7), Sphere of Chaos(7) <-- Alteration is strong throughout with excellent utility spells from beginning to end that are worth a slot (except level 1, those are all crap). This nice even distribution and the fact that many of the spells are useful even at a low level makes it a decent version to consider dualing to mage.


Conjuration: Armor(1), Find Familiar(1), Grease(1), Glitterdust(2), Acid Arrow(2), Power Word: Sleep(2), Flame Arrow(3), Ghost Armor(3), Monster Summoning I(3), Monster Summoning II(4), Spider Spawn(4), Conjure Lesser Air Elemental(5), Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental(5), Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental(5), Summon Monster III(5), Carrion Summons(6), Conjure Air Elemental(6), Conjure Earth Elemental(6), Conjure Fire Elemental(6), Invisible Stalker(6), Power Word: Silence(6), Wyvern's Call(6), Summon Efreeti(7), Limited Wish(7), Prismatic Spray(7) <-- This list is pretty good with spells distributed pretty evenly, though most low level conjuration is worthless. You can get a familiar if you go this route (well if I get the scrolls working all magistrati will be able to get one). Since none of the low level spells are any good at low level conjuration is not a very good choice for dualing to mage (really only flame arrow is good even at high level!).


Divination: Identify(1), Infravision(1), Detect Invisibility(2), Clairvoyance(3), Detect Illusion(3), Wizard Eye(4), Oracle(5) <-- Very poor list. There aren't many Divination spells to begin with and a large number of the ones that do exist are also cleric spells already.


Enchantment: Charm Person(1), Sleep(1), Friends(1), Luck(2), Ray of Enfeeblement(2), Dire Charm(3), Confusion(4), Emotion(4), Enchanted Weapon(4), Greater Malison(4), Chaos(5), Feeblemind(5), Hold Monster(5) <-- Poor list, though a very strong choice for BG1-Tutu or low level play where enchantments (sleep and charm person are stupidly powerful for the first half of BG1) are the strongest field of magic (enemies rarely save and many of them can take out 3 or 4 monsters in a casting). Biggest problem is there are no enchantment spells at mage levels 6 or 7.


Illusion: Blindness(1), Reflected Image(1), Spook(1), Blur(2), Deafness(2), Invisibility(2), Mirror Image(2), Invisibility 10' Radius(3), Improved Invisibility(4), Shadow Door(5), Mislead(6), Mass Invisibility(7), Project Image(7) <-- Weak over all but the top half are all decent utility spells that I cast often so a decent choice if dualing to mage. The bottom half of the spells suck except for the 2 good level 7 spells (and of course Project Image is susceptible to all sorts of abuse). Levels 3-6 are just variants of invisibility so add very little to the overall spell selection.


Invocation: Chromatic Orb(1), Magic Missile(1), Shield(1), Agannazer's Scorcher(2), Stinking Cloud(2), Web(2), Fireball(3), Lightning Bolt(3), Melf's Minute Meteors(3), Fire Shield: Red(4), Fire Shield: Blue(4), Ice Storm(4), Cloudkill(5), Cone of Cold(5), Phantom Blade(5), Sunfire(5), Chain Lightning(6), Contingency(6), Deathfog(6), Delayed Blast Fireball(7), Limited Wish(7), Mordekain's Sword(7) <-- Great if you stick with it. Worthless if you dual. Even progression throughout, gains 3 or 4 spells per level. This is my test school and it's pretty much final the others may change after I test them in game.


Necromancy: Chill Touch(1), Larloch's Minor Drain(1), Ghoul Touch(2), Horror(2), Hold Undead(3), Skull Trap(3), Vampiric Touch(3), Contagion(4), Spirit Armor(4), Animate Dead(5), Death Spell(6), Control Undead(7), Finger of Death(7). <-- Nothing to write home about, very few spells and all the early ones suck. Due to the 1/2 caster level progression skull trap is much weaker than when cast by a real mage. Animate dead is also weakened by the slow progression because it only becomes good once you hit the skeleton warriors. There are a few specific anti-undead spells that could make up for not being able to turn. Note that once you hit level 26 and finally get FoD your Finger is every bit as good as anyone's since it has no level dependent properties. But if you really want FoD and Animate Dead why not go with a cleric to an Evil god (Azuth who is neutral doesn't allow you such powers as a Magistrati via normal cleric spells)?



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This looks fairly impressive. I'd definitely be interested in playing this kit. With respect to the armor/equipment restrictions you are probably best with choosing the closest existing equipment restrictions, or the sum of multiple class/kit equipment restrictions and using that.


The use-scrolls engine uses some horrible hackery to work but comes across as fairly seamless looking when not peaking under the hood. I'd take a look at how the Sword Angel kit in Refinements interacts as well as the normal Thief with the Use Scrolls. Short answer, it'll be possible but might be tough to code. If you aren't a total ass, you might be able to get permission from the_bigg to borrow some of Refinement's code.


The Fireball/lightning bolt 1/day ability is completely trivial to code and can easily be put together in a minute or two once you know how. Feel free to look at PnPCelestials or the Geomantic Sorcerer for examples of this. The Geomantic Sorcerer kit uses this for the druidic shapechanges (CA#DSSC.spl, CA#DSSC.2da) to allow the player to choose what animal to turn into (CA#DSDO.spl, CA#DSCA.spl, CA#DSMOO.spl, etc.)


If you want an identify items at touch type effect, just give them an "at will identify innate ability". The PnPCelestials mod is full of examples of how to do this. To make the ability recharge faster than once per round, just lower the delay on giving the ability back.


If you are looking for code on modifying the spell descriptions dynamically, the Geomantic Sorcerer Kit has a few macros that do just that. Their ugly to build and I needed a lot of help. Try asking people like Nythrun, Camdawg, Devsin and similar Weidu ninjas for advice if you get stuck here. You can be surprisingly specific in what you want to change.


Regarding Sunfire/Wall spells. I haven't imported any wall spells recently, but last I saw Galactygon had done some work of creating Wall spells for his Lost Crossroads mod. You might be able to get something out of him if you ask nicely and credit him appropriately if you are looking for some pre-done spell resources. A warning though, he hasn't done descriptions, so you'd have to dig through the .spl structure to see exactly what the spell does.


As for Dispel Magic and how it interacts, apparently some modders know more about this; see this thread for more details in Nythrun and Devsin's comments near the bottom.


I'm very interested in this kit, and would definitely like to see more.

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Guest Guest

Thank you for the advise, hopefully it will help! I've started looking into the use scroll code and it's definitely hacky and there are parts I son't get yet. The code used in reinements will definietly take an overhall to work here and there may be compatability issues with refinements because of how it patchs the scroll itm unusability bytes. This is on hold while I try to figure out the logic. If I figure it out I'll definitely ask the_Bigg before acutally posting anything with code borrowed from Refinements.


I've figured out how to weaken the Remove magic version of the mage spell of the same name but I don't know a way to make spells less resistant to dispell other than perhaps by a set amount (and it would require a serious amount of spl editing that would mostly have to be done by creating a feature for every min caster level of every spell that can be dispelled and even then it may not work because I'm still not 100% sure I understand how it works; hopefully your link will clear it up). I'm not sure I'd be clever enough to write a macro to patch all the features I need and decide when I need to use it.


When I got frustrated last night with Dispel magic and item restrictions I basically decided to make the FB/Lightning selection ability just to make a bit of real progress. So I've done it except it hasn't got a real BAM (and I'm not sure I could make one, artistry isn't my strongest suit).


I doubt I'd use wall spells simply because, while they'd follow PnP well it would be strange not to have them as mage spells too, and that's a bit beyond the scope of what I'm trying to do now. Maybe I'll wander over to lost crossroads and see what they're like... it is tempting.


I've finished the tp2 code for choosing mage school at installation and streamlining the code so that it only copies and patches the spells needed for the selection reducing the clutter in the override folder. Not hard, but it was nice to get it out of the way.


I'll post here when I know more.



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Nice to see activity here; this isn't the most lively part of the gibberlings' realm. (aha! gibberlings don't have priests; they have shamans! We clearly need a Gibberling Shaman kit to attract worshippers!)



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The BG devs probably skipped wall spells because spell aside from hardcoded projectiles, explosions have to be discs or sections of a disc - you can kind of tell where they gave up on Wall of Fire in the first Baldur's Gate and never went back to it :cool: Workarounds for this require ghastly hackery - though Circle of Fire has a nice ring to it.


The Refinements method of allowing scroll usage is pretty evil and compatibility unfriendly (and also requires that you hijack a cleric kit's unusability flag for your kit) - but for your purposes there probably isn't a better way, and I don't know of anything else that'll suffice here.


Copying over inquisitor dispel and dividing all of the caster levels by four is probably the closest to what you want for dispel?

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The BG devs probably skipped wall spells because spell aside from hardcoded projectiles, explosions have to be discs or sections of a disc - you can kind of tell where they gave up on Wall of Fire in the first Baldur's Gate and never went back to it :cool: Workarounds for this require ghastly hackery - though Circle of Fire has a nice ring to it.


The Refinements method of allowing scroll usage is pretty evil and compatibility unfriendly (and also requires that you hijack a cleric kit's unusability flag for your kit) - but for your purposes there probably isn't a better way, and I don't know of anything else that'll suffice here.


Copying over inquisitor dispel and dividing all of the caster levels by four is probably the closest to what you want for dispel?


Armor restrictions have been added, using the unusability flags for shapeshifters. It's almost perfect and the only hackiness was to mark robes as un-unusable for shapeshifters so when the magistrati duals to a mage he can use robes. Since SS'ers themselves can only dual to fighter (and neither druid, fighter, nor fighter/druid allow for the use of any mage robe) this change is totally invisible to the player. Mod compatibility issue with this: If you use the Make lesser Mage Robes available to all component of some mod (I can't really recall which) shapeshifters will now be able to wear robes (for all I know they already can if you use that mod, don't really know). Also if a mod allows shapeshifters to dual to mage (I don't know of one and it might cause crashes) they will be able to use all mage robes once they dual class.


I've started adding the use scroll ability, I now understand how refinements does what it does and why it creates and assigns all those kits. Right now what I'm planning will clearly have compatibility issues with refinements and rogue rebalancing specifically for clerics (and cleric kits) that dual to thief and plan to use the refinement/RR use scroll ability. I plan on trying to patch around this after I get the core up and running and if I can't I'll probably make this an optional component. The good thing is hijacking a cleric kit to serve as a "restriction dumping ground" is pretty easy since very little is tied to any of them to begin with as far as I can tell (holy symbols being an exception). The bad news is that as best I can tell, it's beyond my programming ability to on the fly detect what mod kits are installed and clone mod kits without explicitly writing code for each mod kit. I mean I think it can be done but it would take a much better coder than me to pull it off. I plan on explicitly making this compatible with all the mod kits I can think of, and RR and refinements aside, it's pretty straightforward, if tedious. Also these changes will make it necessary to always install this mod after all other kits and after refinements and RR (even if you're not worried about the Cleric->Thief dual class issues, the way scroll type items are patched (at least in Refinements) overwrites the usability codes for the races and classes. I should actually post this over at SHS since it's pretty trivial to change the coding to read the old value and only change the new one using WRITE_BYTE and BAND or BOR (and strangely the kit usability codes are handled in exactly this way and they are exactly one line down the tp2. I'm guessing though that the code was written before WRITE_BYTE and just needs to be updated. Even if this is changed in some future release of Refinements and RR it will still need to be installed after these so as to patch around "Use Scroll" HLA once I get that working (and I still need to look and see how RR does it, Avengers made some pretty serious upgrades to the code so it might be modernized there, I know the older release I have uses the same coding as refinements).


To go with the armor restrictions I've coded up a tiny bit of code (and some .eff files) that allows the user to select at installation the mage avatar. This only effects humans, elves, half-elves, gnomes, and half-orcs as they are the only races with a mage avatar. I'm actually considering cutting down the playable races to human, elf, half-elf, and gnome since Azuth is the God of Wizards and only those races need apply, plus in PnP I think the specialist is restricted to only humans. I think the character (particularly the human) looks a lot more like a Magistrati of Azuth that way, plus the only armor he's ever going to wear is a mage robe anyway. Obviously you can just use the excellent avatar morphing script in BG2-Tweaks but coding it taught me a bit about how eff files work (and that's important for working on the ability to use scrolls.



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1.) I've got scroll usage working with Refinements (it's not actually very hard to manage). I still need to make it work when Refinements isn't installed.


2.) I've written the tp2 code to dynamically modify creatures, items, and spells that need to grant immunity to specific spells so that these now grant immunity to my copied cleric and mage spells (i.e. if a creature normally is immune to magic missile, it will be immune to the magistrati's innate magic missile attack and the magic missile mage spell cast as a priest spell if the Magistrati is an invocation specialist). Likewise if a spell grants immunity specifically to the Hold Person spell, the Hold person spell cast by the Magistrati (with it's reduced casting time) is likewise ineffective. This slows down installation, but the overall effect is to fully integrate the Magistrati's spells (which are cognates of normal spells) into BG2's magic system). This is all done dynamically and grants compatibility with all mods that change or add creatures, spells, or items.


3.) I've started working on the HLA table. The mod will detect if Refinements is installed or not and the HLA table will depend on whether or not it is (i.e. if you've got refinements you use some of it's abilities and the new one unique to the Magistrati, and if you don't then you use some of the default abilities plus the new unique ones for Magistrati). The table may also depend on which arcane school the player chose to install.


Here are the abilities that I know will be in for those playing with Refinements (* is new ability, and # is Refinements default Priest ability:




#Mass Heal (not occluded by Destruction)

#Destruction (not occluded by Mass Heal)

#Storm of Vengeance

#Summon Deva (may change to the unique Summon Shadowstaff...)

*Scribe Scroll (which ones depend on school access)

*Sever Construct

*Azuth's Spell Shield (requires Recitation)

*Azuth's Benediction (requires Recitation)


Here are the abilities that I know will be in for those playing withOUT Refinements (* is new ability, and # is a default default Priest ability:

#Fire Elemental Form

#Earth Elemental Form


#Mass Heal

#Aura of Flaming Death

#Storm of Vengance

#Summon Deva (may change to the unique Summon Shadowstaff...)

*Scribe Scroll (which ones depend on school access)

*Sever Construct

*Azuth's Spell Shield

*Azuth's Benediction


I've finished Azuth's Benediction and Azuth's Spell Shield (except for touching up the BAM's to make them look more professional). Sever Construct is working but due a major overhaul to deal with getting the right graphic effects playing under the proper conditions (i.e. no graphics should play when the spell is cast on non-constructs). I haven't started working on Scribe Scroll at all.


These are what the unique spells do (not the actual text I haven't got it here at this computer):

Azuth's Benediction can affect one creature, range of touch. For five rounds any spells that creature casts that have a duration are cast for double duration. Note that due to the way the engine works this will only affect effects with timing mode = 0, this means that a few spells will behave very strangely (mage elemental summoning is probably the most strange). Additionally this spell doesn't affect the duration of any spell that has it's duration set in the PRO file (the various cloud's of whatever spells). The first of these is very rare but annoying while the second doesn't bother me. Obviously spells with no duration are unaffected. This spell has gone through a number of versions not all of which have had this effect...it may change (I'm considering taking advantage of some of the Wild Surge effects to do some other things... we'll see).


Azuth's Spell Shield is an increased version of the 7th level priest spell of the same name available to Azuth's Clergy. It can affect one creature, with a range of touch. It lasts for 2 turns (the PnP version lasts only one round). The creature gains complete immunity to magical spells (except for Spell Strike and Pierce Shield which can end the spell shield). At the outset all active spells on the target are removed (no level check allowed) and no magic beneficial or not may affect the target for the duration of the spell (all spells cast by others are covered by the immunity to magic but those cast by the target itself are covered by prohibiting the application of some opcodes, especially those that can cause animations, other less obvious effects are removed every second by a dispel magic effect, in any event the player can't see that these effects were present for even a fleeting moment). In the end, while it appears very smooth, the spell is a clunky amalgam of many effects mostly because the general immunity opcodes don't occlude the caster's own spells. The spell is very powerful right up until the point you meet something more interested in gutting you with it's sword than casting spells at you. At that point it becomes a huge liability since you can't have any combat protections of buffs while the spell is up and running (no stoneskins, no PfMW, no Haste, no Invisibility spells, no mantles, ect.).


Sever Construct is a compromise between the Destroy Magedoom spell and something of actual use (originally I was going to make this spell kill magic golems, Hakeshar, and Nishruu, but Magic Golems are too rare for it to see any use and Hakeshar and Nishruu only appear as summoned creatures and can be instantly killed by dispel magic according to their override script; I should check this out in game as I didn't know that). The spell is a visual range combat spell, with a casting time of 5 that targets . It improves with level. Constructs (read golems) with X or fewer HD are instantly destroyed, those with more than X HD are entitled to a saving throw at -4 to avoid destruction (at -4 it should result in a slightly less than 50% chance of killing the golem). If the golem survives the attempt to sever it is held for 1+1 / 5 caster level rounds. X = 8 for level>=15; X = 10 for level>=20; X = 12 for level>=25; X = 14 for level>=30; X = 16 for level>=35; X = 18 for level>=40. Most of the small golems have less than 12 HD. Most of the "big golems" are greater than 16 HD in BG2. These are subject to change.


Things still to do:

-Holy Symbol of Azuth

-Scribe Scroll HLA

-Patching for the proper Priest stronghold.

-Touch up various BAM's

-Make BAM's for things that haven't got them yet

-Implement scroll usage when refinements is absent.

-Decide whether to make the shadowstaff creature to replace summon deva...

-The magistrati that specialize in weak branches of magic are going to get another unique HLA that is appropriate to their branch; weak branches are Divination, Enchantment, and Necromancy. I need to design these abilities.

-I'm also debating expanding the mod and making the kits for Velsharoon and Savras which are basically special versions of the Magistrati (no armor, can turn undead, no scroll usage, full level usage for mage spells, some better 1/day SLA, but very similar frame work to the Magistrati). Maybe Mystra's as well, but there are some implementation difficulties with the Dweomer Keeper; also many of it's special abilities will be difficult to implement, my notes on how I'd build it are a lot thinner than the others, but if I added her it'd make the whole thing basically a Dieties of Magic addon to DR).


EDIT: fixed a without

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