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Sarah's ToB Soundtrack: Updated


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Okay, since this project is actually getting underway again (and in a very accelerated manner I might add), I decided to repost the soundtrack. One of the songs was changed because I felt it sounded too much like the other ones.


4- Lovetalk song

5- Lovetalk song

6- Friendship path song



The SoA music can be found in the Downloads section. When the mod is released the ToB soundtrack will be merged with the SoA as a separate download.

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What do you mean? The music already comes prepackaged in the mod.


Now, if you want the music just for listening, the download is here.


Hope that answers your question.


oh i see. the separate download is not necessary. i didn't get that impression from the description:


This mod adds Sarah's original soundtrack. Sarah, a chaotic good ranger, is an NPC added to the game of Baldur's Gate II. Sarah has a romance available for female characters and a friendship for any PC.



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