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Stuff of the Magi


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I am just finishing my game in Tutu as a Wild Mage. I've been interested in the mod Stuff of the Magi (available at Sorcerer's Place) for a few years now. I tried the mod back then when I didn't know the difference between IAP and Weidu.


I'm better schooled in BG mods now. I'd like to use this mod when I get to BG2 but it's lack of being Weidu means it doesn't install right (I know this from my previous attempt at using it years ago). I'd like to see this mod made Weidu. I'm not really looking to become a modder.


I just want to beat the BG series from Tutu to ToB with the canonical party (plus Viconia). Since this may be the only run I make as a single-class mage (which Stuff of the Magi requires) I'm hoping to get to use Stuff of the Magi. This brings me to my questions (to make a short story long, lol).


First off, my lazy question: is there a modder (or more) who would be interested in reviving this old mod and converting it to Weidu? If nobody is interested in casting Raise Dead on this mod, is it within the scope of a non-modder to convert it to Weidu myself? If it isn't going to be days of banging my head against the code and I have some guidance from a vet modder I may be up to the task of converting Stuff of the Magi myself if nobody is willing to do it for me. Thanks for your time.

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