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More than nine kits


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I'm new. Hi.


Yeah so I've been playing the both Baldurs for many, many years now, and for a long time there's been a bit of a conflict in there: The games always pull me back with their awesomesess, and force me to play them through every few months or so, but they've just become so damn boring and repetitive. And so I started to mod them. For a coupla weeks now, I've put up pretty much every single mod I found out there that was even remotely interesting, and now the games are fun again.


There's been some problems, though, mostly just minor bugs probably coming from all those mods conflicting with each other or something. But there's one bigger problem I'd like to have a solution in: See, with all them mods, I've had a massive number of new kits. In some cases - Divine Remix being the most prominent example - the amount of kits is so much that they all just don't fit in to the selection screen: Only the first nine are shown, plus the trueclass. So I can't select them all.


Do I have to make some painful choices, or is there some way to get them all to be seen? I was promised a zillion new Cleric kits and I want to have them zillion new Cleric kits!


(With my luck, it's something painfully obvious that'll make me look stupid.)

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The best way is to look at the ReadMe in the file. Most modern mods use a command that pops up the ReadMe text before you get down to the business of installing components - the installer asks up front if you want to display it. Older mods lauch it when everything is already installed (mostly because the bigg only recemntly built the "at the start" functionality into WeiDU :cool: ). Either way, you can grab the info online and in the mod directory if you browse to it. For example the Divine Remix kist are listed




geomantic sorceror




sword and fist



Six of Spade's 'Six' Kitpack



Ashes of Embers v27



Song and Silence



Zyraen's new Hidden kits mod is still in development, but he has a working beta that is very interesting - I couldn't find an immediate readme, but there is one in the package I am sure.


yarpen's Paladins of Faerun Kitpack v2 I couldn't find an online readme, but I didn't try very hard - his is in the package.


There are a zillion more kit mods out there, but almost all of them have a readme in the package for folks who want to install it. Personally, if I can't find a readme, I don't install it - safer for me to know what I am getting up front.

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yarpen's Paladins of Faerun Kitpack v2 I couldn't find an online readme, but I didn't try very hard - his is in the package.
I think the lastest version is v4 and it's here.


Basically it's as cmorgan says, you have to pick and choose. Fortunately, most mods allow individual installation of their kits. I had my own "favourite kits" list written down at one point, but I'll be buggered if I know where it is, and it's probably outdated by now anyway.

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