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ToB quest(s)


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One of the ToB miniquest could, in theory, occur regardless if Amber is your party or not. You should still have a tiefling in your party, but since there are three available (Amber, Haer'Dalis and Fade*) it's plausible that it could be any of them and not just Amber.


On the plus side it would take the limelight off from Amber. She would be just one of the three possible NPCs involved in the quest. Of course there would be extra depth to the quest if she's in; because of a stuff I'm not going to spoil here.


The "downside" is that a player could get more than they bargained for, a surprise quest. Usually you have to have the NPC in your party to encounter any of their content. (What a gruesome fate, more content than you expected!)


* Assuming that Mistress Elysia gives a permission to include Fade.

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Have it run for any of the tieflings in the party. It'd be a good excuse to install the mod even if you don't take Amber along. The Planar Prison still happens even if you don't take Haer'Dalis, the same should be true for mod NPCs.

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