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Can't install further mods. - What am I doing wrong?

Gold Roger

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I've picked out the following mods to use with my planned rerun of BG2:


The BG2 Fixpack

The BG2 Tweakpack

The Level1 NPCs


The SCS2


However, after installing the fixpack and the SCS, I got error messages when I tried to install either of the other two mods.


I've already uninstalled everything and reinstalled in the order BG2, ToB, Bonus Disk, newest ToB Patch.


Then I've installed the Fixpack without problems.


However, I then tried the lvl1 NPC mod and again got the same error.


The error I get is a window saying that "modname".setup has a problem and can't go on (praphrased-non english system). I get it after giving the path to the BG2 folder when that dos-like window pops up.

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