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Common NWN2 bugs and fixes link

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Here is a troubleshooting guide to the most common NWN2 issues:




In particular, this one affects people the most often:


Post 8




It should be noted that this particular bug has been fixed with the release of Patch 1.12 on March 19, 2008.




While I have not not tested it on a bugged saved game, I still think it unlikely that the 1.12 update will repair a saved game that had become corrupted prior to the release and installation of 1.12. Therefore, this post will remain for those who have as yet to patch their game to the latest update or may choose not to...


Since the 1.07Beta and the 1.10 patches, as well as the release of MotB, a couple of problems may seem to be more common. However, these are not new problems caused primarily by the recent patches nor the expansion, they have only been made more visible.


Apparently, a slight modification was done to the AI where the arcane classes, along with Druids and Rangers will, by default, automatically summons their appropriate Familiars or Animal Companions. Unfortunately these summoned critters are a problem when attempting to pass through transitions, either by player selection on the world map, or scripted as part of a conversation.


Some of the symptoms that may occur are Companions, such as Khelgar or Neeshka, may suddenly be replaced by Qara's familiar on the other side of the transition. In some cases, the game may hang or crash during or after a transition, or a conversation may not trigger on the other side of a transition.


One other thing that has been noted in a few posts is that it seems that if you lasso the party together using the Marquee function to move them all with the mouse and attempt a transition that similar issues of failure to transition, and may be an issue if you are using a Companion to initiate a transition. This can be avoided by selecting your PC before making any transitions.


The below isn't a cure for the cause of problem, but is a means of recovering from and/or avoiding the problem of missing Companions until such time as OEI can get a handle on fixing things.



Thanks to Kianne for this post in the General Discussion Forum...


Diasapperaing Companions



Quote: Posted 10/15/07 12:47 (GMT) by Kianne


Just a suggestion, but I think it could help to have a sticky regarding the disappearing companions bug. It seems like every day there's another 3 posts per forum regarding this issue. I don't know if people would notice a sticky any more than these numerous posts, but it definitely appears as though a lot of people are getting hit with this problem since patch 1.10.


For those that don't know, since at least patch 1.06, summoning familiars/animal companions can cause NPCs (such as Khelgar, Neeshka, etc.) to vanish completely from the party upon an area transition. They are no longer found in the dialog boxes that ask you who you want in your party, and they are basically missing from the game forever. Furthermore, this breaks cut scenes that require those characters (such as Khelgar in the Rite of Tyr).


There are two known ways to fix this problem once it occurs:


1) Revert back to a save made before the problem happened.


2) Some people have claimed that replacing the "ROS" file of the missing companion will fix the problem. I cannot personally vouch for this, but here's how it is done: On Windows, saved games are by default under My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\Saves\. The ROS files are named something like "ROS-khelgar.ros" depending on the companion in question. Find such a file with the name of the missing companion from a saved game where the companion is functioning normally, and copy it into the troubled save game directory (overwrite an existing file if any). Make a backup first. I do not know if this procedure has any side effects, but people on these boards have claimed it has restored their companions.


To prevent this bug from occurring, do the following:


1) Go into the Behaviors tab of all spellcasting companions (Wizards, Druids, Rangers, etc.) and turn OFF the "Use Ability" option. Do this for your main character too, if your PC is a class that has such a summon. Otherwise, as soon as you switch to a companion to give him a command or something, your PC will summon his familiar.


2) Do not summon familiars/animal companions manually.


3) If someone has summoned his familiar or animal companion, switch to the character who owns the familiar/animal, hold down the right mouse button on the familiar/animal (either its portrait or in the game world should work), and select "Unsummon" from the right-click menu. (In theory, you could play with familiars out until you need to switch areas, then unsummon them right before the transition... but I wouldn't recommend it.)


Note 1: This bug was not introduced in patch 1.10 but it was exacerbated by the patch because in 1.10 companions on AI now auto-summon familiars/animals.


Note 2: Some things that may also be an issue and causing crashes during transitions could be EAX settings (Sound Drivers), using Companions to initiate transitions, grouped characters (using lasso) transitioning, characters grouped and triggering a conversations or a scripted conversation event.


Note 3: Restoring the missing NPC from a previous saved game ROS file may restore the missing companion, there have been issues such as missing gear, etc, and sometimes problems with the affected familiar whose image and avatar may have replaced the missing NPC.


Note 4: Sometimes, manually transfering the party from one area to another via the console (no, I don't know all the various console commands) can help get around transition issues. Using the console, however, may mask a problem temporarily and does not correct anything if the saved game is corrupted.


Note 5: Files in your override folder can also cause transition problems and a host of many other problems. Try removing the override files from your "My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\override" folder. The biggest issue here are the .2da files which can cause unpredictable errors if they are not updated to match the current version of the game you are playing. It is important to remember that the override folder is intended for module builders and designers to test ideas and is not intended for regular game play.


One last thing I will add: If you wish to use your familiars and animal companions, you can summon them manually, but you will need to remember to un-summon them prior to making any transitions or you may end up bitten by this particular bug.


Just for information regarding the missing companion bug...


If your saved game is already affected by the 'Missing Companion' bug as discussed in in this post, please don't expect that patch 1.12 to automatically fix those saved games.


The reason I say this is because a game update tends to fix the root cause of the problem and does not go through your saved games to repair those bugs; Once your saved games are affected by the bug, the bug remains in your saved games, no matter what patch you use, because what you are dealing with is file corruption, rather than a core game system mechanic.


When you load a saved game, the data stored in your saved game is what is used to continue playing where you left off; if those saved game files are corrupted, they will likely remain corrupted.


Logically, there is no way for Obsidian to determine the file names you would possibly use for your saved games for repairing them, therefore, it cannot be expected that any patch would be able to debug any saved games already affected by some bugs; especially since all the data variables for your saved game are stored in the saved game and not in the core portion of the game, and those saved game files are not accessed during the update process. A corrupt game file is a corrupt game file and you will either need to go back to a saved game point prior to the corruption of the game files or start over.

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Guest joe schmoe

I have a problem with my game, wondering if anyone can help. I have tried re installing it and starting over a few times, but I have the same problem no matter what. Right from the start, both bevil and amie do not appear at all, so it skips any cut scene's with them in it. As a result I cant even progress without them. Please help me!

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Guest Shularun

Does this only happen when Bishop's mod is installed? Because if it's a general game bug, I don't see how you can expect Domi to help you, sorry. A better place to ask about it would be the NWN2 forums if this is the case.

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Guest Julian

There is a cutsence but at the beginning of Act 3 in Catsle Never. After completing the "Defend Castle Never" when you approach the throne room after you zone in, Instead of fighting the shadow you will be doing the cutcence with Nasher, standing friendly with the shadow reaver.

Anyway to kill this and do the talking with Nasher?

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Game Banshee remarks on the phenomenon here.


When you finally reach Lord Nasher (#11), you should find him in combat with a shadow reaver. However, in version 1.03 this sequence seems to be broken, and instead of fighting the reaver, Nasher will immediately begin talking to you -- with the reaver probably looking over his shoulder, wondering what’s going on.


It doesn't sound like you're asking us to fix this bug in the unmodified game, for which I, for one, am thankful, but rather if we can tell you something to try to get the sequence to play normally.


Unfortunately, all I can tell you to do is reload an earlier save and try it again. That's about all I can tell you to do for any of the 700 places the script can glitch.

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