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Embarassing question but...


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...where do I download this Mod?
Good question! ;) The problem is that though the mod is ready Cmorgan prefers to delay its release until we manage to make this forum public (at the moment only modders seem to be able to view it). Unfortunately without Cam we're at a loss. You can ask Cmorgan to send you his version or if you give me an e-mail I can send you mine.
It sounds very interesting. My compliments to the author! :cool:
Thanks! I think it can be improved a lot (and playtesting surely would be of great help), but as every modder I'm quite proud of my work. ;)
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am I a modder, then?
Have you full access to SR's forum? I don't know how it works, maybe it can't be accessed by the main page, or by guests, ...maybe it's accessible by "view new posts", ... ;)

It's not completely open to the public, that's the problem. ;) But I may ask to Cmorgan to release it and use the General Mod Discussion's thread in the meanwhile. :cool:

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