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Opcode #106


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In the IESDP for both BG1 and BG2, opcode 106 is listed as a morale break modifier. But in DLTCEP, this shows up as "Fail Morale" in BG1. Is that correct? If so, I guess the IESDP should be corrected.


Edit: Dug up this from four years ago, but I don't know if the BG1 findings were ever verified.


Edit 2: On top of this, opcode #23 shows up as "Morale Modifier" in BG1 whereas it is "Remove Fear" in BG2 and in the IESDP for both.

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Bg1 differs from bg2.


opcode #23 was hacked in bg2 to always set morale back to 10. (remove fear)

In bg1 it sets morale as advertised.


0x6a (#106) i think i didn't update the .dat file for bg1, but it should be a stat modifier.

I believe echon's findings may have a chance (so it is a plain flat point modifier without options, at least i think so, i didn't check the code in bg1 for this opcode).

In bg2 it is a regular morale break modifier (with flat point, cummulative, percentage options).

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