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Weird assertion error


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While saving a game in unmodded BG1-TotSC:
An Assertion failed in D:\BGSourceUpdate_TOTSC\dev\Baldur\ObjCreature.cpp at line number 8407
Got nothing from googling it. WTF?


You get this response sometimes when you enter an area. Most likely a creature in that area you've been working on has something on it that has been incorrectly set. Maybe an item in the wrong slot or something similar.

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Hmm, well it only happened while saving in any area, even a new character in Candlekeep - moving from one area to another was fine. I just reinstalled everything anyway. I had no mods in my WeiDU.log but I suppose it could've been the non-WeiDU DSotSC or something installed ages ago, who knows.

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