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Sarah ToB Progress Updates


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Okay, here is a list of what needs to be done. The ones with the lines crossed through them are completed.


- CREs

- Joining and Parting Dlgs

- Fate Spirit

- Friendship path

- Romance

- Quest/Encounter

- Other Talks (Floating?)

- NPC Banters

- Interjections

- Flirts

- Epilogues

- Music

- Voicing


Any misc . ToB talks can be thrown into either Interjections or Floating talks because I haven't done them yet.

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I return. :)


My sincere apologies about the wait everyone. Things at home have been kind of hectic the past month +. My dad has been undergoing a series of surgeries and treatments to fight a malignant brain tumor that has now become terminal unfortunately. This is nothing new, (I've know about it for about 5 years) but it's something I don't often discuss.


Sarah ToB is *so* close to getting done. I will be doing a "summer" update where I will fix the found bugs in my Auren mod as well.


I will post more when I've got some more progress made! ;)

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Most of the interjections are done. (ToB is SHORT!) and the final talks at the endgame part are done.


I have to do something about that wraith encounter, add a little blurb in Volo's book, and make sure I've got NPC banters done.


Voicing will probably be last. Shouldn't be too difficult.

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I had to make some tough decisions based on the rating I've given my mod, other factors, including my knowledge of FR lore, and what people in the Suggestion thread posted. I won't really go into detail...you'll see soon enough. I apologize if I disappoint people and/or offend them in any way, but I hope that the way I wrote the mod will be satisfactory to those waiting for it.


I received the voicing for the part of Sarah's father, who will appear in ToB.


I have a few NPC banters left to write and then I need to finish up my voice recording and receive one more character's voicing.

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Okay voicing sucks.


I have to buy a new microphone today. And later...a new sound card. It works for for recording line in but for some reason it won't record loudly with two different mics I have. Yet my other mic, attached to my device I use so I can I broadcast video to my friends when I chat with them online but cannot say the word because there is a filter in the forum preventing from doing so, which plugs in via USB, is mega loud...but not exactly great quality for recording. So I'll buy a new mic and see where that gets me.

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Guest E. Winters

I normally don't tend to post in forums, but I am soooo looking forward to the ToB expansion for Sarah. :O She's been alot of fun to have in the party and I'm reaching the end of the SoA portion of the game, so now I'm hesitating and waiting for the release, haha. I hope all goes well, thank you so much for putting out this mod (and Auren too!) :fish:

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