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Great Mod!


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I have to say I just dusted off my friends Icewind Dale 2 CD's as I had never played the game before just all the bg's and a little of the original Icewind Dale and must say so far this mod is quite good!


The only thing that beefs me is that portraits cant be shown for each person who talks all the time but I know its a problem with the game and not the mod since they never intended it to be like bg2 and what not...


Also the portraits are great im not sure if you made them or what not but regardless there are good! All of the soundsets are pretty decent too except for Sir Nord's and the monk can get quite annoying like I have read heh...my two favorite sounds set would be the Drow one and the Cleric one!


But regardless easily a 9.3 out of 10 in my book nobody else could not of done a better job I dont think well done!

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