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Old Bug with "Storm" Spells

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This is an old bug that I found out about a long time ago and never got around to reporting it to Dorner for his Baldurdash package. Since BG2 Fixpack is the modern successor of Baldurdash (and I've been playing the BG games a bit again lately), I thought I'd mention it here, now.


Basically the spells Ice Storm, Meteor Swarm, Fire Storm (and maybe one or two others that I can't remember at this moment) say in their description that they last 4 rounds. However the *.pro files they use have incorrect durations of 3 rounds, causing those spells to be 25% less effective than intended.


They aren't very popular spells so I imagine fixing the duration will make much difference to many people, but I'm mentioning it here for sake of completeness.


I have the fixed versions of the *.pro files somewhere in my CDs of infinity engine related files, but they are of the old fashioned drop-in-the-override kind. If anyone working on this project wants them (doubtful, I'm sure), I can find them and send them to whoever.


P.S. It's good that you guys fixed the UCOUNTER.BCS script to remove that invisible combat starting creature. I always hated that thing and fixed it for myself. I was going to mention that too, but you guys are way ahead of me. :cool:

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We should already change the duration (number hits) for both ICESTORM and METSWARM PROs to 4?


Ok, if you have already fixed it then nevermind. I did a search for Ice Storm and couldn't find it in the Complete Documentation. Now that I'm specifically looking for Meteor Swarm, I do see that there (which also fixes Fire Storm).


I checked the tp2 and I still can't find anything for Ice Storm however.

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We're not setting once per round projectiles to 90 ai update duration either - they tend to aimlessly scatter between 75 and 100.
I wouldn't change that simply because the effect durations are already so scattered (some last 6s, some last 7s, some last 10s); I give BioWare the benefit of this doubt and just say A) they were doing something, and B) it matters less to me than it did to them.


I do hate the reimpact sound, though (what the hell were they doing?!). Did not a single QA person ask why they had to play that BWAAAAAAHHHH!! sound every six seconds?

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