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messed up descriptions / compatibility help

Guest Etuset

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Guest Etuset



coming back to Baldurs Gate after some time, i'd thought to implement some mods to the game. I already had the pleasure with a Bg-Tutu run (which i sadly couldn't finish after some new win-installations, don't ask me why),

now i wanted to go on to bg2, but...


i searched for mods quite a time and looked for compatibility-instructions, but

i didnt find a guide like the one for the tutu install-order.


Now i tried two different installs in the general order of fixes, quests, npc, items, tweaks, but either the npc, item and dialogue descriptions of the romantic encounters-mod were empty, or the second time with a slightly different order, i experienced false item descriptions like "celestial fury +5" when right-clicking on a leather armor and such, which i figure is caused by a mess in the item upgrade mod.


I hope to post this on the right place and i'd appreciate any help or suggestions where i could search for solutions, find general compatibility listings!



My order of install is:


Song and Silence



Simding0 Questpack

Bg2 Unfinished business

Tower of deception (black wyrm lair)

Romantic encounters

G3 Anniversary mod

Solaufein Npc

Amber Npc

Banter Pack

Npc flirt

Weimers item upgrades

and underrepresented items

1pp bg1 avatars

Rogue rebalanced



Many thanks in advance


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Guest Etuset


First installed: bg2Fix

Last installed: bg2tweak


oh man, if i'd done it like posted i'd knew where the problems came from...

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Characters sprouting wrong dialogue and mixed item descriptions usually means that your dialog.tlk -file has been messed up, not that the mods wouldn't be compatible.


It's very important that when you install mods:


You don't have the game running at the same time.

You don't have any game editors, such as Shadowkeeper or Nearinfinity, running.

You let the mod's installation finish completely before starting to install the next one. This includes closing the install screen by hitting ENTER (like the program instructs).

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Guest Guest

Thanks for the answer!

I don't think so, though maybe it happened like that.

After another try, it all runs well now, i do hope.


By the way, very nice voicing for the french touched bard...

Also, Amber is looking quite fun, what i have seen thus far.



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