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I tried installing Kivan v8 but failed. My instal rder was BG2, ToB, patch, Ascension, Fixpack, Solaufein, Kelsey then Kivan. But I never got past the first install"box", it just reapets:

WeiDU files in version order:

[setup-Solaufein.exe] version 20400

[setup-KelseyTOB.exe] version 20400

[setup-Kelsey.exe] version 20400

[setup-bg2fixpack.exe] version 20400

[setup-Ascension.exe] version 20400

[setup-Kivan.exe] version 199

Copying [setup-Solaufein.exe] -> [setup-Kivan.exe]: false

[setup-Solaufein.exe] WeiDU version 20400

Auto-Updating on behalf of [setup-kivan.exe]

Copying [setup-Solaufein.exe] -> [setup-kivan.exe]:

Auto-Updating on behalf of [setup-kivan.exe] (done)

[setup-kivan.exe] WeiDU version 199

{Setup-Ascension.exe} Queried (pid = 4396) version = 20400 query done.

Newest WeiDU is version 20400, updating!

and then starts over from the top again.

What could be wrong?

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Guest Deviija
It simply updated the installer from WeiDU v 199 to WeiDU 20400. Just run the installer again, it should work.


I'm having this looping 'issue' as well. Should I just let the installer sit in the background while it keeps updating these files? I let it sit about 40 minutes so far, repeating the same queries of 199 to 20600. Is this normal and should I just keep it running? :)

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There are two possible problems here, as this is a widely reported trouble... the first is that the old setup-mymod.bat means that the weidu auto-update routine now gets slammed into an infinite loop (thus all the spring cleaning efforts for older mods).


Removing the setup-kivan.bat file, ontents

@echo off
"Setup-kivan.exe" --update-all > nul

and copying a version of WeiDU (best to get v208)


should solve the problem.


For modders, WeiDU now updates itself without the need for a separate .bat file, so it is not necessary to distribute with it.


If removing the .bat file still causes the behavior, then you might mention it to the bigg.

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