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Colored Bags

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Is it possible to change the color of the Bag of Holding icon? I don't know much (or anything) about modding, but I've been wanting color-distinguishable bags of holding for a while. So I downloaded this Near Infinity thing and looked at the bag of holding items and it looks like there's no way to change the icon, which I assume is this .bam file. You can export it, which makes me think you can probably change it with some other program, but before I tool around too much with it, I was wondering if anyone had any advice. :D

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Thanks. :D


I downloaded the program and I'm pretty sure I've got the gist of how it works... but I don't really know how to do what I want to. I mean, I can change and save files and put them in the override folder and use Near Infinity to update the item so that it uses the new .bam, but I don't know how to actually change the color of a thing so that it looks good. I've tried changing the color temperature, but it just looks washed out. And I've tried making it a gray scale (for that silver look, which is better than washed-out red) but it just looks black and white.


It looks like the only way to do this is to change it pixel by pixel (which I'm really not up for, I don't think) unless you want it to look like crap. I mean... I'm no artist. I just wanted to make a blue bag red. Or green. Or white even. You know. Whatever. Does anyone have any experience with making these .bam things who can give me some pointers?


I think in the mean time I'm just going to superimpose text on them. Like $ for stuff I want to sell and a W for weapons, or something. But, again, if there's an easy way to do it, I'd rather have the cool red bag.


Anyway, again, a big thanks for getting me far enough to even that. :D

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you best bet doing anything graphical is to get a good editor like paintshop, photoshop, or the gimp. only the last one is free.

you can extract the images in .bmp format.

edit it in editor

save in 256 color.

then use bws1 to remake the bam

assign it to the item.



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What Sir-Kill said. I use PSP (Paint Shop Pro) which can manipulate whole ranges of colours pretty easily, but those other tools should be able to do it too (just don't use MS Paint). It's a tedious task, but that's how it'd done currently. I was working on a WeiDU routine that would do the BAM dissembly, reassembly and possibly even basic recolouring or palette changes but I had to put it down for a while because that kind of code makes my eyes go all funny. I think I might have a go at this though, which should be pretty easy. I need a break from coding and I already have some half-finished BAMs lying around for it.

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I'll upload this here for now, since I may not getting around to incorporating it in a larger mod for a while, and there's been some demand for it. David tested this in-game with (presumably) no issues, and I also tested it on BG2, Tutu and BGT/BWP.

Unique Containers (v1)


This mini-mod assigns unique icons to all containers in the game. Containers include standard and mod-added bags of holding, gem bags, scroll cases, potion cases and ammo belts. The tweak allows you to identify containers at a glance by colour and use them for a particular type of storage. Or it just makes your character's accessories colour-coordinated :). Optionally, you can assign unique names (based on the colour) to the containers to differentiate them further.


The mod will also fix various issues with stores and containers in both the unmodded (and Fixpacked) games, as well as with mods. Some of those mods include BP, CtB, NEJ2, RoT, SOS and UB. Most significantly, it fixes some issues with Lost Items v2, including containers with duplicate stores attached and other mod usability issues pointed out by Bursk and SixOfSpades. You don't need to have any of these mods installed to use the main feature though.


Ultimately, this mod will be included in a larger tweak mod but is released as a patch or mini-mod in the interim.


Installation: Extract to your game directory, double-click on setup-contain.exe and follow the prompts. Option 1 gives you unique names and icons for containers, option 2 gives new icons only and option 3 just fixes container and store bugs in the vanilla game and with mods.


Compatibility: This mod is compatible with (Easy)Tutu, BGT and BG2 with any combination of mods. However, you should install this after any mods that add containers, including BG2 Tweaks and BGT Tweaks.


Credits: DavidNowlin - initial idea and beta testing

Bursk, pro5 and SixOfSpades - for pointing out Lost Items issues

Aramis and Vedran - for the initial Lost Items mod

Andrea/ilot, Leomar and others - for translations


Licence: This work (including all code and documentation) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. You are free to share (copy, distribute and transmit) and to remix (adapt) this work, except for commercial purposes.


Version History

Version 1: 23 May 2009

- Fixed minor inconsistency in Lost Items patch

- Fixed typo in "Bag of Holing" :laugh:

- Added dupe-baggery fixes for Unfinished Business, Spellhold Gauntlet and Classic Adventures

- Added Italian and German translations


Beta Version 2: 19 Aug 2008

- Enhanced Lost Items usability patch

- Added Bearwere's Candlekeep Bags (from TweaksAndTricks) to container patch


Beta Version 1: 6 Jul 2008

- Initial release

Edit: updated to v1 with new link
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Dude, thanks - I really want a playthrough/test run, so am grabbing this to patch Lost Items. Just to check, in Tutu install order, what's the best position - after Lost Items, or after any mod that alters/adds stores?

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Dude, thanks - I really want a playthrough/test run, so am grabbing this to patch Lost Items. Just to check, in Tutu install order, what's the best position - after Lost Items, or after any mod that alters/adds stores?
After Lost Items and any other mod that adds containers, so after BG2 Tweaks too.
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We can't download "Unique Containers" anymore. Is there an update or have we the chance to get the mod somewhere?


Greetings Leomar

I don't know what Miloch has been up to. I do know that he has said that he had needed to take some time away from the BG Fixpack. I also know that he has had plans to incorporate the unique containers into a larger mod. Perhaps he has done this and we will see a release soon. Perhaps he had forgotten about the posting and removed it from his website to conserve space. In any event if you really need it, I do have a copy and could send it to you. I, unfortunately, do not have authority to post it for download (i.e. it's not my mod to publicly distribute).

Send me a pm with an e-mail address where you'd like to receive it. I would have sent this message via pm, but the system was not letting me enter the pm center for some reason.

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Thanks for your response and help. We have the mod, but we linked it in our linklist and find Milochs mod/patch very helpful, because of the needed fixes and want to use it for megamods furthermore.


I'll try to reach Miloch and ask him what happens.


Thanks. :)


Greetings Leomar

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