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As it stands currently, Miscast Magic (C3, sppr310) is a completely useless spell - you have to cast it on a single mage/priest, meaning that he must be stripped of his various Invisibility and Spell Diapers buffs - by that time, it's much more convenient to use sword on man instead. The level 2 spell 'Silence 15' radius' (C2, sppr211) is lower level but still better in all aspects: it gives -5 rather than -2 to saves, it lasts longer, and is area-based (but not party friendly).


To correct this situation, would it be possible to make a component that makes Miscast Magic pass through Improved Invisibility and Spell Diapers like the other anti-magic attacks (maybe losing the save penalty as a tradeoff)?


If you do so for Miscast Magic, can you do so also for ca#spwo.spl and ca#wstr.spl (respectively Spell Worm and Wild Strike) from Refinements (HLA list for reference)?

If not, I'll add the option to Refinements myself.

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